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Captain’s Logs from the Sandbox 001 and 002 Available

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I’ve been working with Occult Moon on their new Captain’s Logs from the Sandbox line! The first two products in the line, The Relief Mission and The Broken Omnicrys, are now available on RPGNow.Com! Each Captain’s Log from the Sandbox provides you with a location for a sci-fi game, along with several adventure seeds and […]

Unstoppable Dog!

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Unstoppable Dog, Mutant Animal Hero When William Barton developed radiation powers, he wasn’t initially able to control them well. He emanated hard radiation for weeks, until he learned to control his powers. But before he left, his faithful golden retriever Hardy absorbed a massive dose of radiation, and wandered off into the woods to die. […]

Kill The Buddha

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Grab a look at Kill The Buddha, Imperfekt Gammes’ newest game in development! In a dystopian future, the colony of New Hong Kong is overrun by the Crimson Gate Triad. You play a Disciple of the Shen Xia Temple, a warrior for justice, peace, and enlightenment. Inspired by such films as “Big Trouble in Little […]

Symmetry Breaking

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Broken Symmetry Science Fiction Roleplaying, coming soon from Imperfekt Gammes, focuses on starship-based science fiction. I summon the dreaded powers of one website to talk about one of the major themes in Broken Symmetry: Can the Assembly live up to its high ideals, or must it sacrifice them to survive? Are those ideals naive […]

Rattlesnake, Director of C.H.I.M.E.R.A.

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As requested in our Facebook poll, here’s Rattlesnake, the director of the Central Headquarters International Military, Espionage, and Research Agency (C.H.I.M.E.R.A.)! Formerly a member of Patriot Force, this cyborg hero masterminds the largest espionage agency on Earth-Omega. Rattlesnake, Cyborg/Prodigy Hero Rattlesnake’s career as a hero has been both colorful and tragic. A car bomb killed […]


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According to my poll on Facebook, the villain from the Invulneraverse that most people wanted to see written up was Permafrost. The example hero in Invulnerable RPG was Incendiary, a powerful fire-wielding government hero, and Permafrost is her ice-wielding criminal twin brother. Permafrost, Mutant Villain Norman Louis Holt and his twin sister Neva Louise were […]