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Your Host

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So here’s the story. I got into gaming in junior high, in the mid-80s. My friends were the artsy crowd in school, smart outcasts, and it gave us a way to tell our own stories and work in our own artwork, to make (as TSR said) “products of our imagination.” My grades slipped later in […]

Adventure Looms Once More

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Three more NPCs to write up for the ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ adventure: The Crimson Light Adepts and Zealots, and their leader, the dreaded alien Armilus. Should be some really fun fights in this adventure, as well as some more exposition about the Earth-Omega setting. Need to start playtesting, and to start thinking about artwork! Know […]

Print Copies En Route

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Ordering a new set of test copies from OneBookshelf for Invulnerable. Takes a lot of work to get a nice product out there! Working with another sales outlet to enable free PDF copies with print purchase. It’s going slow, but I’m confident things will work out.

The Soonest and Spiffiest

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Invulnerable RPG files are updated on Lulu, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow, and soon will be on Indie Press Revolution. You can still get Invulnerable RPG in print on Lulu, and print (softcover, and now hardcover!) is coming soon from DriveThruRPG. Stay tuned for availability!

An Anarchistic Anti-Hero Agent

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Hey, how about some sample characters for Invulnerable? How about C.H.I.M.E.R.A.’s top agent, the suave and vicious Grackle? Grackle, Prodigy Ally A family of police; an older brother lost in the line of duty. A grieving family, and a younger son, forever ignored. Gary Searles grew up bitter and suspicious, because he knew that everyone […]