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New for Invulnerable: Nigh-Invulnerable and Campaign Design Sheet!

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DriveThruRPG.Com and Indie Press Revolution have the latest offerings for Invulnerable! Nigh-Invulnerable: The Guide to Simplified Supers is a free, one-page guide to streamlining the Invulnerable Super Hero RPG. With these rules, you can generate heroes randomly and quickly, and get fighting evil with no delay. Note: Nigh-Invulnerable works best with the Dauntless supplement. DriveThruRPG.Com: […]

Invulnerable Cheat Sheet Now Available!

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The Invulnerable Super Hero RPG Cheat Sheet is now available on DriveThruRPG.Com, and coming soon to other sites as well. All the most important rules, on 8 pages! Print them out on cardstock and make a Game Master screen, or just stick ’em in your gaming folder for quick reference. Check it out here:

Invulnerable Form-Fill Combat Tracking Sheet Now Available

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The Invulnerable Form-Fill Combat Tracking Sheet is now available free from DriveThruRPG.Com! Coming soon to Paizo, RPG Orbit, and Indie Press Revolution as well. This sheet holds all the important info on up to six heroes. You can enter their information, save it, and send to others, making it perfect for online games, and […]

Invulnerable Form-Fill Character Sheet Available!

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You can get a form-fill character sheet for the Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game now at DriveThruRPG! Coming soon to other sites where Invulnerable is sold. It’s easier than ever to make your own Invulnerable super hero and play online, or save them on your computer for future use. Earth-Omega needs you!