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4th Annual Wayne Foundation Charity Bundle is Live!

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The 2014 Wayne Foundation Charity Bundle is now live! Get Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition, and a bunch of other great game things, for a great price, and help a very worthy cause! The bundle is here: You can read more about the Wayne Foundation here: The motto for Invulnerable is “Grab […]

Infinite Dimensions for Invulnerable

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Some heroes can travel from one dimension to another; and sometimes, heroes follow villains through strange doorways to other worlds they cannot even imagine. In addition, a few heroes have found their way to the trans-dimensional city of Uru Ulan, and from there to uncountable other Earths. Roll on the tables below to quickly generate […]

Dauntless is now PWYW at DriveThruRPG.Com!

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Dauntless, the Invulnerable RPG supplement, is now Pay What You Want!—-Supplement-for-the-Invulnerable-Super-Hero-RPG&affiliate_id=39414 While you wait for the new edition, get the old edition for … whatever! More stuff to help you build your ultimate hero!