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Or as I like to call it, ‘COSSG’

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I think everyone has a hard time answering the questions, ‘what are roleplaying games?’ My new answer is, they’re collaborative, open-source story gambling. Collaborative: Everyone gets to participate. Open-Source: You’re making the story, you’re not a passive participant. Story: You’ve got characters, a setting, and events they enact and respond to. Gambling: There’s an element […]

Invulnerable Hardback, Playtesting, and More

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DriveThruRPG.Com is having its Christmas in July Sale! You can get the Invulnerable PDF for 25% off now! Just finished ordering a test copy of the new Invulnerable hardback print copy from DriveThru! Softcover test copies in a few days, hopefully, as well, although you can also buy the softcover from Lulu. Playtesting has […]

PoD Coming To DriveThruRPG for Invulnerable

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Just finished uploading files to DriveThruRPG.Com for their Print-On-Demand program. Soon you can purchase the game in PDF, Print, or both! $16.65 for the print book, $4.99 for the PDF, or $18.65 for both!

Update to Invulnerable

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I just updated Invulnerable RPG on DriveThruRPG.Com and Lulu, and IPR is soon to follow. Get the updated version, with text corrections/revisions, a few minor edits for clarity, and improved tables. I’ve had a couple of requests to make Invulnerable available for POD (print on demand) through DriveThru, and I’m looking into that as well. […]