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Or as I like to call it, ‘COSSG’

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I think everyone has a hard time answering the questions, ‘what are roleplaying games?’ My new answer is, they’re collaborative, open-source story gambling. Collaborative: Everyone gets to participate. Open-Source: You’re making the story, you’re not a passive participant. Story: You’ve got characters, a setting, and events they enact and respond to. Gambling: There’s an element […]

Invulnerable Hardback, Playtesting, and More

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DriveThruRPG.Com is having its Christmas in July Sale! You can get the Invulnerable PDF for 25% off now! Just finished ordering a test copy of the new Invulnerable hardback print copy from DriveThru! Softcover test copies in a few days, hopefully, as well, although you can also buy the softcover from Lulu. Playtesting has […]

PoD Coming To DriveThruRPG for Invulnerable

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Just finished uploading files to DriveThruRPG.Com for their Print-On-Demand program. Soon you can purchase the game in PDF, Print, or both! $16.65 for the print book, $4.99 for the PDF, or $18.65 for both!

Update to Invulnerable

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I just updated Invulnerable RPG on DriveThruRPG.Com and Lulu, and IPR is soon to follow. Get the updated version, with text corrections/revisions, a few minor edits for clarity, and improved tables. I’ve had a couple of requests to make Invulnerable available for POD (print on demand) through DriveThru, and I’m looking into that as well. […]

Glory and Terror

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On Scribd, I’ve posted an early draft in the latest Imperfekt Gamme: Tales of Glory and Terror Fantasy RPG: What is ToGaT RPG about? In the setting, a great empire has fallen to a monstrous horde, and the PCs are among the few survivors. Drawn together by tragedy, despised by their peers, they must hunt […]

More Stuff from Imperfekt Gammes

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Done some preliminary work on a fantasy RPG for the Cosmology RPG Engine. It’s nice to see that Cosmology is robust enough to handle supers, dark modern fantasy, high fantasy, and probably other genres as well. Also! Working on an adventure for Invulnerable, to be titled ‘Destroyer of Worlds!’ The heroes awaken, to discover that […]