Invulnerable Hardback, Playtesting, and More

DriveThruRPG.Com is having its Christmas in July Sale! You can get the Invulnerable PDF for 25% off now!

Just finished ordering a test copy of the new Invulnerable hardback print copy from DriveThru! Softcover test copies in a few days, hopefully, as well, although you can also buy the softcover from Lulu.

Playtesting has begun on Tales of Glory and Terror, the new fantasy RPG using the Cosmology Engine. The test went well, and I got all kinds of suggestings and tweaks, mostly for the all-new magic system. Be sure to check out the playtest copy on Scribd:

Other than that, I love me some summer sunshine, but the allergies make this time less pleasant. When are we going back into space? I think I’d be a lot more comfortable on a space station, and not just because I’d be surrounded by the wonder of the stars.

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