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Beneath the Ruined City of Viskan (ACKS Adventure)

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This is a full one-level dungeon for my Five Free Cities setting. This version of the adventure is for ACKS, but I’ve run this for Dungeon Crawl Classics with almost no changes. Click to view the map! Link to a bigger version:   About the Dungeon The city of Viskan, near the free city […]

The Testament of the Last Viskani

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Honored Ones, this parchment was found in the Thieves’ City, in one of the old bases for the Seal of Red and Black on the border of the Onyx Desert, not long-abandoned. It’s assumed that the text is not complete, for there are editorial remarks in the margins and whole sections have been struck out […]

Tempest Oracle (ACKS Class)

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This is a class I needed for Adventurer Conqueror King System to run my Five Free Cities game. A few years ago a friend was going to run a Pathfinder game, and my wife kind of fell in love with the Oracle class, and made a character that was a multiclass Oracle/Monk. We’ve never gotten […]

Half-Elven Warmage (ACKS Class)

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I have a long-running setting for traditional kitchen-sink fantasy games. I call this setting the Five Free Cities, because that’s the basic starting area, even though the setting covers an entire continent. You can see a map of the setting here: I’ve been running the setting for my wife recently in Burning Wheel Gold […]