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Invulnerable Hallowe’en Sale!

« 24 October 2014 | 20:53 | Holidays, Invulnerable RPG | No Comments »

It’s time for’s annual 33% off Hallowe’en sale. But because we love this spooky holiday so much, we marked Invulnerable RPG: Vigilante Edition down by 50%! This time of year is all about putting on a silly costume, pretending to be someone you’re not, and eating entirely too much junk that’s bad for […]

What A Year … Happy Holidays!

« 23 December 2013 | 23:17 | Holidays, Invulnerable RPG, Personal, Ponderings | No Comments »

What a strange, exciting year. In the last pile of months, I moved to a new home 3 hours away, did some state government IT work, was unemployed s0me more, was a student some more, and got a very interesting and fun new job in the familiar field of health care IT. And, I got a […]

Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes!

« 24 December 2012 | 14:07 | Holidays, Invulnerable RPG, Stats | No Comments »

Have a gift from us: Invulnerable RPG stats for Santa Claus, and two new Motivations for your heroes, Generosity and Peace! Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, and Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes! > Santa Claus, Avatar Ally Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas … a hero to many, not for fighting crime, but for […]

Happy Thanksgiving

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Imperfekt Gammes wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving! For our part, we have a lot to be thankful for. It’s been a fun year, and look forward to many more to come. And if you’re stuck for things to do after tanking up on turkey, why not give the Turkey Coma a Flying Windmill Kick […]

Christmas in July!

« 23 July 2012 | 8:34 | Holidays, Invulnerable RPG | No Comments »

DriveThruRPG.Com is running their annual Christmas in July sale this week! You can get Invulnerable and Dauntless at an even lower price during this festive time.

We Wish You A Happy Whatever!

« 25 December 2011 | 13:04 | Holidays | No Comments »

Until Monday, January 2nd 2012, the Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game is marked down to only $2.99 on DriveThruRPG.Com and Indie Press Revolution. You may see it listed on DTRPG as $3.49; that was the original plan, but I decided to mark the game down even further. Now is the perfect time to get […]

Gravy, biscuits, more superpowers

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The Thanksgiving Day Invulnerable Sale comes to IPR! Until Monday November 28th, the Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game is only $3.99 on Indie Press Revolution! Click on this link to receive the discount: What are you waiting for? Grab Some Dice and Save The World!

Turkey, Dressing, Superhuman Powers, Cranberry Jelly

« 22 November 2011 | 10:12 | Holidays, Invulnerable RPG | No Comments »

Black Friday is upon us. But before that, turkey. But before that, early sales! You can get the Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game from DriveThruRPG.Com now for only $3.99! Just click here to check out the sale!

More Stuff from Imperfekt Gammes

« 4 July 2011 | 12:34 | Art, Holidays, Invulnerable RPG | No Comments »

Done some preliminary work on a fantasy RPG for the Cosmology RPG Engine. It’s nice to see that Cosmology is robust enough to handle supers, dark modern fantasy, high fantasy, and probably other genres as well. Also! Working on an adventure for Invulnerable, to be titled ‘Destroyer of Worlds!’ The heroes awaken, to discover that […]