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The Wait is Over!

« 4 June 2020 | 14:15 | Cosmic Cutthroats, Earth-Omega Setting, Other Games, Uru Ulan Setting | No Comments »

The Cosmic Cutthroats RPG is now available on! Only $9.99 for 440 pages of multi-genre, dimension-hopping wonder and weirdness! Get yours now!

Other Games

« 15 January 2014 | 11:37 | Invulnerable RPG, Other Games, Personal | No Comments »

I play a lot of games. Being unemployed for a portion of this year, it was easy to make this happen! I don’t really make New Years’ Resolutions, but I did decide that this year I would try out more story games. Until now, Amber was basically the limit of my involvement in this type […]

Minimalist Games

« 22 July 2012 | 16:17 | Other Games | No Comments »

As a design challenge to myself, a few months ago I decided to try writing a one-page game or two. The first one, Wulintrigue, is a game of spies and kung fu. The title is a combination of the words “wulin” and “intrigue.” “Wulin” is a Chinese word that means something like “martial arts world.” […]