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Invulnerable RPG Print Sale!

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Can’t make it to Gen Con this year, but you can still grab Invulnerable at good prices! All this week, print copies of Invulnerable are $5 off, and Dauntless is $3 off. Invulnerable softcover– $5 off: Or enter Discount Number: 84623 before you purchase. Invulnerable hardcover — $5 off: Or enter Discount Number: […]


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The Team Training Talent reflects what your hero has learned from the teams they’ve served with. Each super hero team has a unique personality of their own, and each time the hero gains a Team Training Focus, they learn something from a new team. The secret agents of C.H.I.M.E.R.A. learn to keep the truth close […]

New Villain — Sunflower

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A few weeks ago I posted Fray, a young Mutant enhanced and controlled by a Symbiote from the Wellspring. He’s not the only metahuman that they’ve tricked into joining their organization, sadly. Sunflower, Mutant/Symbiote Villain Crime was all a game to Sheila Ensey, a way of using her light-manipulation powers to Stick It To The […]