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Review: ‘Toys for the Sandbox #4: Hermit’s Island’

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So, I agreed to do a review of ‘Toys for the Sandbox #4 Hermit’s Island.’ This books is by Quinn A. Conklin, also known as the artist for ‘Homicidal Transients,’ with cover art by Rodney Ruppert II, published by Occult Moon. It’s a 4-page landscape PDF; the first page is cover art. The second page […]

Game Eats: Chile

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Okay, so I rarely post anything that isn’t about gaming. So, for a change, I’m going to post about game snacks! I love cooking, and lately I’m trying to expand my repertoire somewhat. This is one of my successful endeavors. I can personally guarantee no one (important) has died eating this, and several people even […]

Story Games vs. Roleplaying (Purple Daily Quest)

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So lately gamers have been squabbling over the relative merits of roleplaying games vs. story games. Roleplaying games allow you to create a character, who runs through a scenario created by a Game Master. Story games do pretty much the same thing, but the players take on some of the narrative duties. To me, it’s […]

What Does “Broken Symmetry” Mean, Anyway?

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I just uploaded the latest version of Broken Symmetry to the Imperfekt Forrums, here. The rules for starship combat are just about done, and planet creation is underway. The term “broken symmetry” has specific meanings in both physics and biology, part of why I liked the name. The Wikipedia articles on both explain further. Plus, […]

New Imperfekt Gamme — Broken Symmetry

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Imperfekt Gammes is developing a new science-fiction roleplaying game, using an all-new system, called Broken Symmetry! In Broken Symmetry, the players choose a Mission and an Allegiance, and then work together to build a starship. Then, they make the ship’s bridge crew. Every member of the bridge crew has an important role to play in […]