New Imperfekt Gamme — Broken Symmetry

Imperfekt Gammes is developing a new science-fiction roleplaying game, using an all-new system, called Broken Symmetry!

In Broken Symmetry, the players choose a Mission and an Allegiance, and then work together to build a starship. Then, they make the ship’s bridge crew. Every member of the bridge crew has an important role to play in both ship combat, and ground/boarding missions, so everyone is involved in the excitement.

Each Assignment in the ship’s Mission can be run by a single Mission Control, or that role can be broken up into Planetologist (who designs worlds, stations, and species to encounter), Envoy (who runs social encounters), and Swordmaster (who runs combat).

The system depends on rolling a die under two traits. More difficult actions require rolling a larger-side die. The traits are usually System and Department (for ships), or Attribute and Skill (for crew members). Both dice must roll under to succeed, but if you’re rolling an Aptitude, you can switch the dice, for a greater chance for success.

Broken Symmetry includes a built-in setting, the Assembly, a future civilization torn apart by internal and external conflict. Reeling from a recent war with a hostile species, the Assembly prepares for a new war, while it member worlds scheme, lay blame, and haggle.

Broken Symmetry is space opera, with hard sci-fi leanings. There’s FTL travel, psionics, and energy weapons, but you won’t find rubber-headed alien clones (or half-breeds) with “all too human” cultures. The focus isn’t on the science, though, but on the story; the story of the bridge crew, and the story of the ship itself.

If you’re interested, new versions are posted on the Imperfekt Forrums on this board.

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