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Infinite Dimensions for Invulnerable

« 15 June 2014 | 19:30 | Earth-Omega Setting, Uru Ulan Setting | No Comments »

Some heroes can travel from one dimension to another; and sometimes, heroes follow villains through strange doorways to other worlds they cannot even imagine. In addition, a few heroes have found their way to the trans-dimensional city of Uru Ulan, and from there to uncountable other Earths. Roll on the tables below to quickly generate […]

The Transdimensional City of Uru Ulan

« 9 March 2014 | 14:26 | Earth-Omega Setting, Uru Ulan Setting, Wormholes & Waystations RPG | No Comments »

Dimension travel gives heroes some weird options; they can see “what if” storylines where their world took a turn for the better, or worse. They can see worlds where the physical laws are different, and meet people from the past and future. Dimension travel stories are perfect for presenting heroes with philosophical questions, the kinds […]