Inspirational Images for Uru Ulan

A look at the city from the outside. The “city” is actually a series of colonies built on rocks around Saturn, in some alternate world far in the future. Some regions of the city are rich in magic, others contain incredible technology, and a few have both.

Image credit Vlad Marica


The city was founded by an ancient Sumerian sorcerer, Ensi Abgal, and is ruled from the Temple of Gilgamesh District. He founded the city as a base of operations for his unending magical research.

Image credit unknown.





The city is crowded with people from all eras, nations, and timelines. Not all are human, some are aliens, demi-humans, androids, and supernatural creatures.

Image credit Moebius.







There are Districts filled with inhabitants from ancient Egypt, Victorian England, medieval Persia, modern Hong Kong, near-future New York and Tokyo, an elvish fortress, and a distant-future starport, as well as many others.

Image credit Asura’s Wrath concept art, artist unknown.


The city’s sewers lead to the Cosmic Vault, a legendary, interdimensional dungeon. This endless tomb was created by the gods to sequester away potential worlds with destinies of chaos and evil.

Image credit unknown.


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