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Update to Invulnerable RPG

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Just updated Invulnerable RPG Year One Edition on DriveThruRPG and Lulu, and IPR soon as well. This update brings two amazing new new pieces of art by Jason Rainville, and numerous edits for rules and clarity. More discussion of Earth-Omega, and a nice new text box in the Game Mastering section, on helping guide the […]


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It doesn’t sound as clever as ‘Invulnerablog,’ does it? But then, nothing does, or ever will. If your eyes are hungry for awesomeness, check out Jason Rainville’s site,¬† Jason is single-handedly responsible for the cover to Invulnerable RPG, the illustrations of Dr. DNApe and Mr. Magus inside, and more cool Invulnerable stuff yet to come! […]

What Is Invulnerable?

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So you may be here looking for updates on the Invulnerable RPG. Awesome! Others might not know what we’re talking about; so here’s the deal. (Apologies; this is kind of a long one. They won’t all be this tl;dr :) ). Invulnerable is a tabletop super hero roleplaying game that uses the Cosmology RPG Engine, […]

First Post

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This is Invulnerablog, where you’ll hear the latest about Imperfekt Gammes’ products like the Invulnerable RPG, and other games using the Cosmology Engine. I may post here occasionally about game design, life, food, movies, or other stuff that may be of tangential interest.