Invulnerable: Vigilante Edition PDF Now Available!

Very pleased to announce: the Invulnerable RPG: Vigilante Edition is now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.Com!

The PDF available from Indie Press Revolution, Paizo, and Chronicle City shortly. Print version also available soon from Chronicle City.

Have fun saving the world, heroes!

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Forum Closure and Dauntless Errata

With the upcoming release of Invulnerable RPG: Vigilante Edition, we’re closing down the Imperfekt Gammes Forrum. It was a good place to keep and discuss the Invulnerable errata, but it has very low traffic, and this blog can take care of that just as well.

My plan is to close the forum in 3 days. Since Vigilante Edition corrects all current Invulnerable errata, I’ve posted the current errata for the Dauntless sourcebook here for now.

If you find more errata in the future, please e-mail me. Thanks!


Dauntless Errata:

Chapter Four: Expanded Powers

  • Teleportation
    • The Enhancement “Teleport Another” should be named “Improved Teleport Others.” It should list Teleport Disarm and Teleport Others as Requirements.

Chapter Five: Expanded Talents

  • Martial Arts
    • Adroit Avoidance: Adds to CDEF, not RDEF. If Adroit Avoidance is gained as a Focus for Marksman, it adds to RDEF as listed.

Chapter Six: Earth-Omega Expanded

  • Shadow Wraith
    • Her HTH should be listed as 1d6+1. She should do 2d6+1 damage with Steel-Toed Boots.

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