Wormholes & Warpdrives


I’ve just completed the playtest version of a new d6-based OSR space opera RPG, Wormholes & Warpdrives!

This Google Docs page has links to the playtest PDF, at-cost print copies on Lulu, and some inspirations for the game: https://goo.gl/Vf96mt

  • Join StelNav and save the Border Colonies from the hostile reptilian Tsenari Empire!
  • Study mystical powers with the Space Templars!
  • Smuggle dreamdust past megacorp blockades!
  • Design your own Species, Career, Background, and Starship!

It’s Time … To Boldly Proceed Where No Sentient Has Ventured … Before!

In the meantime, work continues on Metagene. Money has been tight, but during the new year it will go into editing, and after that we’ll announce an official release.

Stay tuned!

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Live Long and Prosper

According to the news, Antonin Yelchin, the actor that played Pavel Chekov in the Trek reboot movies, died unexpectedly today.


He was perfect for that role, and will be missed. Godspeed.

Extra sad and strange because I’ve been working on a Star Trek fan supplement for the Stars Without Number OSR sci-fi RPG. Seeing what an awesome job White Star (affiliate link: http://goo.gl/xW80hJ) does as an OSR Star Wars make me really want some OSR Trek action. There have been some other, pretty cool OSR Trek games (like Starships and Spacement, affiliate link: http://goo.gl/On49kk) and this Black Hack version by the awesome Mike Evans (https://goo.gl/iybQrf), but I like something just a little crunchier. And since it looks like Traveller Prime Directive isn’t coming out until the 24th Century, you might give this a glance.

And you can see my Star Treks Without Number supplement in this Google Drive folder:


You can get the free edition of Stars Without Number RPG here (affiliate link):


I’ve got complete character and ship creation rules, a variety of equipment, a bunch of bad guys, and several characters from Deep Space Nine statted out. If you like it, shoot me an email and let me know!

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