What A Year … Happy Holidays!

What a strange, exciting year. In the last pile of months, I moved to a new home 3 hours away, did some state government IT work, was unemployed s0me more, was a student some more, and got a very interesting and fun new job in the familiar field of health care IT.

And, I got a new Friendly Local Game Store, Borderlands Games in Salem, Oregon, although I am still close to and will always love Powell‘s and Guardian Games in Portland! After living in a small town for a long time with no local game store, only one comic book store for that matter, this is really nice. As a geek, I’m no longer starving.

I’ve also worked almost non-stop on Invulnerable RPG’s Vigilante Edition, and all that hard work is going to pay off soon! I’ll have lots more to say about this soon, but there you go.

It’s incredibly gratifying when a lot of hard work finally comes together, and rarely does it all come together all at once like this. Despite a rocky start to the year, it’s been awesome, with no signs of slowing down.

And I owe a lot of this year’s happiness to my friends, and the encouragement and inspiration of folks that read my stuff. You’re awesome, all of you.

Though incomplete, though still changing and evolving, though uncertain and flawed, something in you is wonderful, something in you is brilliant and cool, something in you makes others’ lives better. You rock.

Continue to rock in the coming year.

Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes.

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