Expert [Art]: Elijah Brubaker


Non-gamey post today, just want to talk about a friend who’s an amazing craftsman and an inspiration.

I’ve been privileged to know Elijah Brubaker since high school. He’s now an award-nominated comic writer and artist, and I’ve been lucky enough to get a few illustrations from Elijah for Invulnerable in the past.

Never shy about controversy, his best-known title is about the psychologist Wilhelm Reich.

(click on the link and buy all the things. do it)

Only 15%  more controversial is his new strip, an irreverent look at the Biblical story of his namesake, and the temptress Jezebel.

You can also read his diary strip here.

I love his amazing attention to detail, the Mike Allred-like quirkiness, and his obvious love of the medium. Most of all, I love working with artists who can take my art spec and give me something better than I imagined. It’s definitely one of the highest high points of publishing games!

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