According to my poll on Facebook, the villain from the Invulneraverse that most people wanted to see written up was Permafrost. The example hero in Invulnerable RPG was Incendiary, a powerful fire-wielding government hero, and Permafrost is her ice-wielding criminal twin brother.

Permafrost, Mutant Villain

Norman Louis Holt and his twin sister Neva Louise were born to a single mother in Dallas, Texas. Abandoned to their aunt when they were still kids, they grew up poor. While Neva was determined to make a better life for herself, and worked hard in school, Norman found acceptance in a rough crowd, and dropped out of school to join the Chaos Crew. He was sent to New Amsterdam to start a new branch of the gang, and his crew sells Overdrive and Extinguisher to Mutants in the slums, and tangles frequently with the Street Knights. He’s occasionally faced his sister, in her guise as the A.P.E.X. hero Incendiary, as well, and their battles are bitter for both of them.

Secret Identity: Norman Lewis Holt.
Awesomeness Level: 4.
Origins: Mutant 4.
Motivations: Freedom, Revenge.
Physical Attributes

  • AGI: 7
  • STR: 7 (HTH 2d6 flesh form, 7d6 ice form)
  • TGH: 7

Mental Attributes

  • INS: 6
  • PER: 6
  • WIL: 5


  • INIT: 13

Physical Resources

  • LIF: 21 (flesh), 23 (ice)
  • VIG: 29

Mental Resources

  • DET: 29
  • REP: 7

Health (Flesh Form):

  • Roll: 2; Foot; HLT: 21; DPRO: —; IPRO: —
  • Roll: 3 to 4; Leg; HLT: 35; DPRO: —; IPRO: —
  • Roll: 5 to 8; Torso; HLT: 70; DPRO: —; IPRO: —
  • Roll: 9; Head; HLT: 21; DPRO: —; IPRO: —
  • Roll: 10 to 11; Arm; HLT: 28; DPRO: —; IPRO: —
  • Roll: 12; Hand; HLT: 21; DPRO: —; IPRO: —

Health (Ice Form):

  • Roll: 2; Foot; HLT: 45; DPRO: 8; IPRO: 2
  • Roll: 3 to 4; Leg; HLT: 83; DPRO: 12; IPRO: 4
  • Roll: 5 to 8; Torso; HLT: 130; DPRO: 16; IPRO: 6
  • Roll: 9; Head; HLT: 57; DPRO: 12; IPRO: 4
  • Roll: 10 to 11; Arm; HLT: 64; DPRO: 12; IPRO: 4
  • Roll: 12; Hand; HLT: 45; DPRO: 8; IPRO: 2

Physical Defenses

  • CDEF: 20
  • RDEF: 21

Mental Defenses

  • MDEF: 43

Basic Talents:

  • Athletics: 3, Close Combat: 4, Dodge: 4, Driving: —, Education: 1, Endurance: —, Intimidation: 4, Metahuman Lore: 2, More Money Than God: 1, Notice: —, Persuasion: —, Piloting: —, Ranged Combat: 5, Self-Control: 4, Sneak: —, Trickery: —, Tech: —.

Advanced Talents:

  • Connections [Drug Lab]: Level 3.
  • Creepy Looks: Level 3.
  • Expert: Level 1 (Streetwise).
  • Leadership: Level 1.
  • Stoic: Level 3.
  • Team Training: Level 1 (Chaos Crew).


  • Human Weaknesses:
    • Criminal Record: Level 4.
    • Distant: Level 4.
    • Outsider: Level 2.
    • Reject: Level 5.


    Biological Power Source:

    • Elemental Control [Ice]: Level 4 (Armored Fists, Deadly Barrier, Elemental Barrier, Elemental Bolt, Elemental Entanglement, Sculpt Element, Slick Surface, Temperature Extremes, Transform Into Matter). Power Modifiers: Power Overdrive (Major Benefit), Tag Change [VIG Cost ½] (Typical Benefit), Undisciplined Power (Minor Detriment).
    • Hyper-Will: Level 4 (Hard Glare, Iron Will).


  • Gear: Bling, Cigarette and Lighter, Extinguisher, Nanoweave Costume, Overdrive, Smart Phone, Sunglasses.


    • Sex: Male.
    • Preference: Heterosexual.
    • Height: 6′ 1”.
    • Weight: 185 lbs.
    • Eye Color: Glowing Blue.
    • Hair Color: Ice white.
    • Hair Style: Cut short.
    • Skin Tone: Dark.
    • Costume/Clothes: Permafrost wears standard, loose-fitting street clothing, but always wears a t-shirt with an icicle emblem on it.
    • Personality: Permafrost is pragmatic and focused. Despite the accusations of his sister, the A.P.E.X. hero Incendiary, Norman isn’t lazy, greedy, or violent; he just wants a place to belong, but doesn’t believe that’s possible unless the downtrodden folks like Mutants take a place for themselves by force.
    • Goals: Permafrost long ago gave up on the idea of Mutant acceptance, and now just wants Mutants to have a place to live. He’s aware of the Perfected Ones, but hates their almost-religious attachment to Obelisk and how they’re trapped in the underground tunnels of Subterranea; to Norman, it’s freedom or nothing.
    • Obstacles: Permafrost is a natural leader, but like most leaders in the Chaos Crew, he’s not the best strategist. He doesn’t always make the best use of his powers, and forgets to support his teammates instead of facing the enemy leader head-on himself. Despite his cool and calculating demeanor, he tends to loses his composure on the rare occasions he faces his sister Incendiary; he loves her, and she’s done well for herself, but only by supporting the same system that refuses to fix so many problems.

Central Contradiction: Norman faced prejudice for being poor, for being black, for being a mutant, for being abandoned, for being involved in a street gang and later for doing time. Despite all of this, he sees himself as a good person pushed too far, part Robin Hood and part pro-Mutant crusader. He’s not interested in “raising awareness” or protesting or holding signs; he’s carved out a territory he’s going to protect, formed a business to get him what he needs to survive, and survive he will. In a world of terrible choices, he’s made a terrible choice and is willing to be vilified for doing what he thinks is best, without apologies.

Story Use/Notes: Permafrost is a conflicted “villain.” Although the Chaos Crew sells illegal drugs on the streets, Permafrost’s crew also does some good, selling Extinguisher to Mutants that can’t control their powers, and protecting them from mobs of mutant-haters. If the heroes are willing to bend the rules and look the other way sometimes, Permafrost can be an occasional ally instead of just an enemy.

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