New Amsterdam’s M-SWAT Team

M-SWAT Officer.

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Note: I’m going to try to post Invulnerable RPG stats here on a more regular basis, we’ll see how it goes!

Sometimes, villains and rogue heroes need taken down, and A.P.E.X. is busy with big jobs like fighting the Terror Legion or the Perfected Ones.

At Mayor Venport’s insistence, police commissioner Sam Warrick created the M-SWAT division, a special section of the NAPD designed to overcome metahuman threats. As effective as A.P.E.X. is, they must often focus on large threats like the Terror Legion, leaving smaller threats like the Chaos Crew to terrorize individuals. Other cities have followed New Amsterdam’s example, and created similar teams to combat local metahuman threats.

Typical M-SWAT Officer, Human Mook
Secret Identity: Varies.
Awesomeness Level: 2.
Origins: None. M-SWAT Officers are all human.
Motivations: Justice, one other.

Physical Attributes

  • AGI: 6
  • STR: 6 (HTH 1d6+1d3)
  • TGH: 6

Mental Attributes

  • INS: 5
  • PER: 5
  • WIL: 6


  • INIT: 13

Physical Resources

  • LIF: 7
  • VIG: 20

Mental Resources

  • DET: 16
  • REP: 11.


  • Roll: 2; Foot; HLT: 18; IPRO: 14; DPRO: 3
  • Roll: 3 to 4; Leg; HLT: 30; IPRO: 18; DPRO: 3
  • Roll: 5 to 8; Torso; HLT: 60; IPRO: 22; DPRO: 3
  • Roll: 9; Head; HLT: 18; IPRO: 14; DPRO: 3
  • Roll: 10 to 11; Arm; HLT: 24; IPRO: 18; DPRO: 3
  • Roll: 12; Hand; HLT: 18; IPRO: 14; DPRO: 3

Physical Defenses

  • CDEF: 18
  • RDEF: 18

Mental Defenses

  • MDEF: 20

Basic Talents:

  • Athletics: 1, Close Combat: 4, Dodge: 3, Driving: —, Education: 1, Endurance: —, Intimidation: 1, Metahuman Lore: 4, More Money Than God: —, Notice: 1, Persuasion: —, Piloting: —, Ranged Combat: 4, Self-Control: 3, Sneak: 2, Trickery: 1, Tech: 1.

Advanced Talents:

  • Arsenal: Level 2 (Chosen Weapon [“Extinguisher” Grenades, Pulse Grenades]).
  • Authority: Level 5.
  • Expert, Level 2 (Bureaucracy [State or Local Law], Streetwise).
  • Investigation: Level 2.
  • Medicine, Level 1.
  • Marksman, Level 3 (Combat Awareness, Fast Attack, Favored Target Punishment [Choose One Origin]).


  • Human Weaknesses:
    • Choose between Cruelty, Cynical, Snobbish, and Vengeful, at Level 1d3.

Powers: None.

  • Armor: Riot Armor.
  • Weapons:
  • “Extinguisher” Gas Grenades (3): Damage: 1d2N; Accuracy: —; Talent: Ranged Combat (Total Attack Bonus: +11); Hands Required: 1; Range: (STR) yd.; Size: 6; Weight: 1 lb.; Shots: 1; Weapon Features: Radius [6 yd]; Restricted [10]; Save Roll [Save: TGH + Endurance vs. DF Impressive (40); Effect: Lose (FF) Levels in all Powers; Duration: (FF) Minutes].
  • Pulse Grenades (3): Damage: 1d6N; Accuracy: —; Talent: Ranged Combat (Total Attack Bonus +11); Hands Required: 1; Range: (STR) yd.; Size: 6; Weight: 1 lb.; Shots: 1; Weapon Features: Radius [6 yd]; Restricted [10], Save Roll [Save: TGH + Endurance or INS + Tech vs. DF Impressive (40) Effect: ; Lose (FF) Levels in all Powers Duration: (FF) Minutes]. Save Roll is only required for heroes with a Technological Power Source. Androids Roll TGH + Endurance, all others Roll INS + Tech. Ordinary, non-Power Equipment is outright destroyed.
  • Shotgun: Damage: 5d6+2E; Accuracy: -1 Talent: Ranged Combat (Total Attack Bonus +10); Hands Required: 1-½; Range: 4 yd; Size: 9; Weight: 4 lbs.; Shots: 2; Weapon Features: Radius [2 yd].
  • Submachine Gun: Damage: 5d6G; Accuracy: -1; Hands Required: 1-½; Talent: Ranged Combat (Total Attack Bonus: +10); Range: 60 yd.; Size: 8; Weight: 8 lbs.; Shots: 25; Weapon Features: Autofire [1d6], Restricted [5].

Details: Personal Details vary.

  • Costume/Clothes: M-SWAT officers have uniforms like normal SWAT team officers, but with a special patch identifying their special training.
  • Goals: The NAPD M-SWAT team wants to keep the city safe from metahuman criminals.
  • Obstacles: Over time, many M-SWAT members them develop a skewed perspective, and tend to see every Mutant or Freak Accident as a potential perp. They’re also noticably weak against magic, since they don’t have an effective defense against that Power Source, and so tend to act very wary around anyone that might draw power from spells or a higher (or lower) entity. And of course, they’re expected to pull off pretty much the same job as A.P.E.X., without the extensive training or tools that Homeland Security gives their federal counterparts.
  • Central Contradiction: Even worse than the A.P.E.X. battle armor pilot program, M-SWAT is a dumping-ground for loose cannons who can’t follow the rules. Many end up crippled in fights with superhuman maniacs, and far too many end up dead. Some M-SWAT officers volunteer because they have sublimated death wishes, and others because no other challenge was big enough for them; this one certainly is.
  • Story Use/Notes: M-SWAT works like the A.P.E.X. Battle Armor pilots, to take down serious threats like the Chaos Crew, or errant heroes, without massive loss of life. M-SWAT officers aren’t as experienced as A.P.E.X. Field Agents, and can’t count on backup from battle-armored troops or military forces, so rely more on surprise and precision tactics.

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