Minor Race Packages for Invulnerable

The standard Invulnerable rules assume that the aliens we care most about are the ones with superhuman powers; the kind of powers that make them full-on heroes. But what about settings where aliens are nothing special, and many aren’t particularly powerful? Races with an abundance of “minor races”? This is where Race Packages are useful.

Race Packages grant a few minor Attribute and Talent modifiers, maybe a minor Power or two. They also have Weaknesses attached, giving them a net cost of 0 BP. This way, you can make an alien Prodigy at AWE 1, by choosing the Prodigy Origin and building a minor alien race package.

Unless otherwise stated, all Powers that a minor race may gain have the Innate Biological Power Source.

New Talent: When building a minor race package, you may select the special Talent Long-Lived. This Talent is only available for building minor race packages, and acts like a minor version of the Hyper-Toughness Enhancement Resistance [Ageing]. Each level doubles extends the hero’s effective lifespan. In addition, each 2 Levels gives the hero 1 DET to spent on Talent rolls, if the Player can gives some quick backstory about something the hero learned in their long life.

Pregenerated Race Packages

Two of these packages are fantasy roleplaying classics, and two are known alien races from the Invulnerable RPG setting.


Stout, tough, grumpy, and short, Dwarves are renowned as miners, traders, craftsmen from low-tech dimensions. They love a good brawl and a good drink, but are grouchy and surly to outsiders.

  • Attribute Modifiers: +1 TGH, -1 PER.
  • Powers: Extra Body Parts: Level 1 (Infrared Vision).
  • Talent Bonuses: Endurance +1, Long-Lived +1.
  • Weaknesses: Short: Level 3.


Light, thin, magically-talented, pointy-eared humanoids from low-tech dimensions. Elves are bright and swift, but as creatures of faerie, they’re sensitive to cold iron.

  • Attribute Modifiers: +1 AGI, -1 STR, -1 TGH, +1 INS.
  • Powers: Extra Body Parts: Level 1 (Infrared Vision).
  • Talent Bonuses: Long-Lived +3, Sexy Beast +2.
  • Weaknesses: Arrogant: Level 2, Achilles Heel [Cold Iron] Level 1.


Three-eyed, blue-skinned aliens from the Convocation, the most infamous Lucarin is Admiral Jaaran Talz, also known as the anti-messiah Armilus the Bloodchosen. Lucarin are naturally telepathic, peaceful and hedonistic artisans.

  • Attribute Modifiers: -1 AGI, +1 WIL.
  • Powers: Telepathy: Level 1 (Read/Send Thoughts).
  • Talent Bonuses: Expert: +1 (Art [Choose One]).
  • Weaknesses: Lecherous: Level 2, Obsessed [Pacifism]: Level 2.


The ape-like Vunorians are members of the Convocation. The villain Dr. DNApe is a Vunorian; though he saved his world from the Unmaker, he promptly conquered it afterward, leading to his exile. Vunorians are big and strong, but blunt and pushy, and have a tough time masking and controlling their feelings.

  • Attribute Modifiers: +1 STR, -1 PER, -1 WIL.
  • Powers: None.
  • Talent Bonuses: Creepy Looks: +1, Tech +1.
  • Weaknesses: None.

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