Capsule Mooks for Invulnerable

One thing I’ve grown to appreciate, as I run more OSR games, is now nice it is to be able to quickly generate simple bad guys and monsters. Along those lines, enjoy quick and easy villains for Invulnerable!

About Capsule Mooks

“Capsule Mooks” are treated like other Mooks, but their stats are much simpler, and they’re built in a slightly different manner. Rather than spending a bunch of BP separately on Attribute, Powers, Talents, and Weaknesses, you just generate Attributes and then choose Powers, Talents, and Weaknesses from a pool of Option slots.

Capsule Mooks have five Attributes: Body, Agility, Insight, Loyalty, and Weirdness. They are rated on the same scale as normal Character Attributes. Body (BOD) serves the function of both Strength and Toughness, while Loyalty (LOY) serves the function of Personality and Willpower. If a Mook has Powers, their Weirdness (WRD) Level acts as the Power Level for all Powers. Most Mooks have Weirdness Level 0. Weirdness cannot exceed the Mook’s Awesomeness Level.

  • Attributes: Mooks have (AWE *3) +17 Levels to divide among their Attributes. Mooks with 1 or more Levels in Weirdness must choose a Power Source; if their Powers are based in a Super-Device, they gain +1 Option slot, and if they’re housed in a Super-Suit, they gain +2 Option slots.
  • Motivations: Capsule Mooks have one Motivation; the only exception are non-sentient robots, who have no Motivations.
  • INIT: As normal, AGI + INS.
  • HLT: (BOD *5) + (AGI *2). Mooks use the Health Pool optional rule, so don’t bother to track HLT separately for each Body Part.
  • LIF: (Highest of BOD or LOY) + AWE.
  • VIG: Don’t bother tracking VIG for Capsule Mooks. Figure that they can fight for (BOD + AWE) Rounds before they need to take a Rest Action, if you need to keep track. Honestly though, most Mooks shouldn’t last that long!
  • DET: INS + (LOY *2). As with normal Mooks, Capsule Mooks can’t spend DET to boost their die rolls. Non-sentient Mooks like robots have no DET.
  • REP: Don’t worry about tracking REP for Mooks.
  • CDEF: The calculation remains the same as normal; 5 + AGI + Close Combat Talent + Dodge Talent.
  • RDEF: The calculation remains the same as normal; 5 + AGI + Ranged Combat Talent + Dodge Talent
  • MDEF: 5 + (LOY *2)+ Self-Control Talent. 

Generating Capsule Mooks with Option Slots

Each Mook gets (AWE + 5) Option slots. Option slots can be spent to purchase the following:

  • Equipment: One Equipment slot costs 1 Option slot.
  • Powers: One Power Enhancement costs 3 Option slots each. The Level of all Powers is equal to the Capsule Mook’s Weirdness (WRD). In general, Capsule Mooks can’t take Power Modifiers.
  • Talents: One Option slot grants 2 Levels in Basic Talents, or 4 Levels in Advanced Talents.
  • Weaknesses: Capsule Mooks can’t gain Weaknesses normally. However, the GM may put together a special “Capsule Mook Package” that includes a few, specially-chosen Weaknesses. For example:
    • Robot Capsule Mook Package:
      • Powers: Hyper-Toughness (Immunity, Resistance [Aging, Deprivation, Disease, Toxins]).
      • Weaknesses: Achilles Heel [Electricity] Level 3, Unliving [Mechanical], Level 10.

Optional Rule: Capsule Heroes

For a quick pick-up game the Capsule Mook rules could be used to generate heroes, too.

Sample Capsule Mooks

Typical Cheap Combat Drones. 

Unimpressive combat robots, designed to patrol secret facilities and fight heroes in Peril Centers. AWE: 1, Motivation: Annihilation. BOD: 6 (HTH 1d6+1d3), AGI: 6, INS: 3, LOY: 5, WRD: 1. INIT: 9, HLT: 42, LIF: 6, DET: 13, CDEF: 12, RDEF: 14, MDEF: 15. Talents: Close Combat: 1, Dodge: 0, Ranged Combat: 3. Attacks/Special Abilities:

  • Powers and Weaknesses: Robot Capsule Mook Package.
  • Weapon: Submachine Gun (Total Attack Bonus: +8, Damage: 5d6G, Autofire).
  • Equipment: Walky-Talky.


Typical Petty Thugs. 

Thieves and street punks with no sense of honor, petty thugs haunt the dark alleys and stinking dives, planning their next crimes. AWE: 1, Motivation: Greed. BOD: 6 (HTH 1d6+1d3), AGI: 6, INS: 4, LOY: 4, WRD: 0. INIT: 10, HLT: 42, LIF: 7, DET: 14, CDEF: 14, RDEF: 14, MDEF: 13. Talents: Close Combat: 2, Dodge: 1, Ranged Combat: 2, Sneak: 1. Attacks/Special Abilities:

  • Weapon: Semi-Automatic Pistol (Total Attack Bonus: +8, Damage: 5d6G).
  • Equipment: Bling.


Typical Perfected One Terrorist Grunts.

The meanest rank-and-file mutant troops of the Perfected Ones, the Terrorist Grunts live in Subterranea, waiting for the day they storm forth to conquer the surface. AWE: 2, Motivation: Conquest. BOD: 4 (HTH 1d6), AGI: 4, INS: 4, LOY: 6, WRD: 2 (Biological). INIT: 8, HLT: 28, LIF: 8, DET: 16, CDEF: 13, RDEF: 13, MDEF: 13. Talents: Close Combat: 2, Dodge: 2, Ranged Combat: 2. Attacks/Special Abilities: Roll 1d6.

  • 1: Elemental Control (Elemental Bolt). (Total Attack Bonus: +6, Damage: 2d6G).
  • 2: Hyper-Strength (Powerhouse). Add HTH +2d6, HLT +15, LIF +3.
  • 3: Hyper-Agility (Motion Blur). Add +3 to CDEF and RDEF, and +2d6 to all Attack rolls.
  • 4: Extra Body Parts (Claws). (Total Attack Bonus: +6, Damage: 4d6E).
  • 5: Shapeshifting (Assume Appearance).
  • 6: GM’s Choice.


Typical Uru Ulan Servitor.

The immortal sorcerer Ensi Abgal created a series of gem-encrusted golems called ‘servitors’ to maintain the transdimensional city of Uru Ulan. AWE: 1, Motivation: None. Servitors don’t have Motivations. BOD: 7 (HTH 1d6+1d3), AGI: 6, INS: 3, LOY: 3, WRD: 1. INIT: 9, HLT: 52, LIF: 9, DET: None, CDEF: 13, RDEF: 12, MDEF: 11. Talents: Close Combat: 2, Dodge: 1, Ranged Combat: 1, Tech: 2. Attacks/Special Abilities:

  • Powers and Weaknesses: Robot Capsule Mook Package.

Use these rules today to throw some quick mobs of expendable Mooks at your heroes! You may find that when the bad guys are easier to build, you can make more of ’em in the same time, which gives your heroes a wider variety of bad guys to punch and blast. Have fun!

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