d30 Mutation Table for 5E and OSR

Every world can use Mutation Tables. Mutations can result from Sorcerers’ wild magic, they can be the dangerous inhabitants of a world after a nuclear holocaust, or they can be the results of magical experiments gone wrong.

Roll 1d30 twice for each Mutant, to see what strange mutations they exhibit.

Edit 18 April 2015: The original version of this post was only for D&D 5E. I’m expanding it for OSR games as well, since lately have been I loving DCC, and SWN. Why is there no license for 5E yet? Grr.

  1. Eyes of searing flame. Does 2d6 damage out to 30 feet. Mutant is proficient with eye attack.
  2. Wicked claws. Unarmed damage becomes 1d6 + Strength mod slashing.
  3. Thick knobby hide. Mutant gains the listed ACs when not wearing armor.
    • 5E: AC of 13 + Dexterity mod
    • OSR: AC 7 in descending AC games where 10 is un-armored.
  4. Spikey hide. Mutant can do 2d4 damage, no attack roll needed, to anyone they grapple, or who attempts to grapple them.
  5. Noxious stench. Can use once per short rest. On saving throw failure, On failure, targets within a 30’ radius are poisoned for 1d4 rounds.
    1. 5E: Required Constitution save DC (Mutant’s Constitution score).
    2. OSR: Targets save vs. Poison/Death, or suffer -4 to attack rolls and ability checks.
  6. Glowing skin. Attacks against this Mutant gain advantage when it’s dark.
    • 5E: Attackers gain advantage.
    • OSR: Attackers gain +3 to attack rolls.
  7. Vulnerable to poison.
    • 5E: Mutant suffers disadvantage on saves vs. poison.
    • OSR: Mutant suffers -3 on Poison & Death saving throw.
  8. Third eye. Mutant gains +2 to Initiative rolls.
  9. Writhing tentacles.
    • 5E: Mutant gains +2 to grapple checks, and can grapple one target adjacent to them per round as a reaction.
    • OSR: Mutant gains +4 to grapple checks. If there are no grappling rules, treat as a normal unarmed strike.
  10. Stomach acid that can digest anything.
  11. Oozing pustules. The Mutants suffers -2 to all reaction checks, but they gain +2 against grapple checks because of the greasy slime they exude.
  12. Chameleon skin. Mutant gains advantage on all Stealth checks vs. visual detection.
  13. Random attribute becomes to 15 +1d4.
  14. Random attribute becomes 4+1d4.
  15. Rubbery flesh.
    • 5E: The mutant is resistant to bludgeoning attacks.
    • OSR: Mutant suffers half damage from clubs, staffs, punches, kicks, and other blunt weapons.
  16. Twisted limbs.
    • 5E: The mutant suffers disadvantage on all Strength and Dexterity checks using their arms.
    • OSR: The mutant suffers -2 to all attack rolls and proficiency checks when using their arms.
  17. Mouth like a leech. Can drain 2 hp per round from a target, to gain 1 hp for themselves.
  18. Bird-like beak. Does 1d4 piercing damage.
  19. Long frog-like tongue. Can reach targets up to 10’ away, and pull targets as heavy as 20 pounds to the Mutant.
  20. Brittle bones.
    • 5E: Mutant is vulnerable to bludgeoning damage.
    • OSR: When the Mutant takes damage from staffs, clubs, punches, kicks, and the like, the damage is increased by +1d4.
  21. Tissue-like skin. Mutant is vulnerable to slashing and piercing damage.
  22. Mute. Cannot cast any spells with verbal components.
  23. Black blood, congeals quickly.
    • 5E: Mutant automatically stabilizes.
    • OSR: If characters die at 0 hp, this character lives until -10. If the ruleset allows characters to survive at negative hp, the character again automatically stabilizes.
  24. Green skin, can survive without food as long as the Mutant can spend at least 4 hours in direct sunlight, with feet in contact with rich soil.
  25. Nerve-racking shriek. Does 1d4 damage to all targets in 30’ with no save.
    • 5E: Can use once per short rest, or twice if they don’t mind being mute afterward.
    • OSR: Can use 2x/day, or 3x/day but becomes mute the third time.
  26. Frog-like legs. Double all jumping distances.
  27. Ugly bat-like (1-3) or moth-like (4-6) wings. The mutant can fly at 40’ per round.
  28. Leprous. The Mutant is continually falling apart and regenerating. On the plus side, the Mutant regenerates 1 hp or lost ability point per round, and automatically stabilizes. On the minus side, each time the Mutant is hit, they lose 1d4 points from a random ability score until next round, as bits of them fall off. In addition, leprous Mutants find it almost impossible not to leave an easy-to-follow trail wherever they go.
  29. Smells like rotting meat. Wherever the Mutant goes, the chance of a random encounter with wild animals doubles.
  30. Mega-brain. This mutant’s cranium swells with psionic power. The Mutant can cast Detect Thoughts at will, with Charisma as their casting score.

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