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To make my wife less nervous about apex predator lawyer-enabled megacorporations, my space opera game is now renamed to Wormholes & Waystations. As before, it will include appendices for kitchen-sink fantasy gaming in my Five Free Cities setting, in an appendix called Advanced Bugbears & Ballistas. It’ll also have a four-color supers setting, based on Earth-Omega (from my Invulnerable and Metagene games), now called Freakshow Crusade.

I’ve taken down my ACKS articles after some unhappy revelations about the authors. That’s all I will say about that, except that I encourage you to research and think long and hard about who deserves your money and attention. Look for those articles to return at some point, probably with with W&W stats.

You can still get a free download of Wormholes & Waystations, or an at-cost print copy, here:


Also, good news! Metagene is now in final editing! I’m hoping for an official release in early 2018. Until the official release, you can also get a free PDF or at-cost print of it at the link below, too!


If anyone has any questions, concerns, nonsensical ramblings, or random animal noises, feel free to contact me at jkubli@imperfekt-industrees.com. Thanks!

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