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My OSR House Rules

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Edit (11 June 2016): I’ve moved these House Rules to a Google Doc, where I can quickly and easily edit and improve them.

Vampires of Earth-Omega

« 19 October 2013 | 19:30 | Earth-Omega Setting, Invulnerable RPG, Monsters, Stats | No Comments »

Dark heroes walk the streets of Earth-Omega. Most vampires are vile monsters, but some struggle to turning their evil gifts to good ends. For October, we’re going to have a look at the vampires of Earth-Omega. Vampires are a strain of Cursed. Two hearts beat in their chests; one alive, one dead. The dead heart […]

The Helix Treatments

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The subterranean Mutant radicals known as the Perfected Ones experiment on one another, seeking to maximize their genetically-granted superhuman gifts. The Helix Treatments aren’t very successful, though. In fact, their leader Obelisk punishes errant followers by subjecting them to the Treatments. The effects of the Treatments are wildly unpredictable. Most of the time, subjects are […]

Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes!

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Have a gift from us: Invulnerable RPG stats for Santa Claus, and two new Motivations for your heroes, Generosity and Peace! Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, and Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes! > Santa Claus, Avatar Ally Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas … a hero to many, not for fighting crime, but for […]

More Super-Options

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The rules in the Invulnerable RPG work great out of the box for making supers by just spending a few points — or, if you’re using Dauntless and Nigh-Invulnerable, with just a few rolls. Players that want to fine-tune their heroes, though, have the option of taking Power Quirks and Power Modifiers. Here are a […]

New Villain — Dragonfly

« 13 December 2012 | 23:07 | Earth-Omega Setting, Invulnerable RPG, Stats | No Comments »

The villainous arms dealers known as the Wellspring have an entire cadre of super-powered agents. Not content to recruit super-powered agents, they find C-list villains and amplify their powers with a captured cache of alien symbiotes. This not only makes their agents deadlier, but places them under the Wellspring’s total control. We’ve met two of […]

Bloody But Unbowed

« 3 December 2012 | 12:23 | Invulnerable RPG, Stats | No Comments »

One of the things that I like best about super heroes is that they never give up, no matter the odds. When heroes are outmatched, when they’re injured and time is running out and we just know that this time our hero might fail, that tension and drama is what makes them truly heroic. Invulnerable […]

Cosmic Conversions: 4C to Invulnerable

« 20 October 2012 | 14:09 | Conversions and Crossovers, Invulnerable RPG, Old School Gaming, Stats | No Comments »

Sometimes, you start a campaign, but want to switch to a different system later on. Maybe the new system has new bad guys to beat up, or you just want to explore a new “look and feel” for your existing heroes. This system allows you to convert 4C heroes to the Invulnerable system. Remember, converting […]


« 10 August 2012 | 20:43 | Invulnerable RPG, Stats | No Comments »

The Team Training Talent reflects what your hero has learned from the teams they’ve served with. Each super hero team has a unique personality of their own, and each time the hero gains a Team Training Focus, they learn something from a new team. The secret agents of C.H.I.M.E.R.A. learn to keep the truth close […]

New Villain — Sunflower

« 6 August 2012 | 21:55 | Earth-Omega Setting, Invulnerable RPG, Stats | No Comments »

A few weeks ago I posted Fray, a young Mutant enhanced and controlled by a Symbiote from the Wellspring. He’s not the only metahuman that they’ve tricked into joining their organization, sadly. Sunflower, Mutant/Symbiote Villain Crime was all a game to Sheila Ensey, a way of using her light-manipulation powers to Stick It To The […]