More Super-Options

The rules in the Invulnerable RPG work great out of the box for making supers by just spending a few points — or, if you’re using Dauntless and Nigh-Invulnerable, with just a few rolls. Players that want to fine-tune their heroes, though, have the option of taking Power Quirks and Power Modifiers. Here are a few new ones.

New Power Quirks:

Power Quirks are extremely minor Power Enhancements, that don’t cost a Power Enhancement slot. Power Quirks are mentioned on Invulnerable RPG, page 48. Elemental Control Power Quirks can be simulated with the Sculpt Element Enhancement, but Power Quirks are cheaper and easier to use.

Air Barrier: Requires Elemental Barrier. The hero can make their Elemental Barrier airtight, so they can survive in outer space and underwater for short periods. Activating the Air Barrier costs an additional 1 VIG per Round, but costs no additional AP.

Perfect Balance: Requires Hyper-Agility. As long as the hero remains motionless, they cannot fall off of any surface. As long as there’s room for them to stand, sit, or cling, they’re safe.

Run Across Water: Requires Hyper-Agility Level 3+, Super-Running Enhancement. The hero can run across water when using Super-Running.

Runes: Requires Grimoire. Most magical spells require a Sorcerer to make complicated gestures and chant incantations, but some Sorcerers can substitute magical inscriptions for one of these casting requirements. The Sorcerer must have a writing tool of some kind, and inscribe a special sigil in a magical language on a nearby object. Area-effect Powers are centered on the object, but if it’s small enough, the caster can carry it with them.

New Power Modifiers:

Emotional Trigger [].
Description: Your power can only be accessed under the grip of powerful feelings.
Modification: Minor or Very Minor Detriment.
Game Mechanics: Choose one emotion, like rage, fear, or hatred, and choose one Power. This Power can only be accessed when the hero suffers the appropriate Emotion Affliction. A self-conscious hero, or their allies, can manipulate the hero’s emotions to trigger the emotion with Social Talent rolls, at the Game Master’s discretion.
Emotional Trigger is often paired with Power Overdrive. In this case, the Enhancement is Very Minor, instead of Minor. The Power can be accessed normally, but the Overdrive must be triggered by an Emotion Affliction.

No Mightier.
Description: Although you can transform into metal, sand, or ice, you aren’t superhumanly strong in your alternate form.
Modification: Typical Detriment.
Game Mechanics (No Mightier): The hero doesn’t gain Hyper-Strength, Hyper-Toughness, or any related Power Enhancements, when they use the Transform Into Matter Enhancement.

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