New Villain — Dragonfly

The villainous arms dealers known as the Wellspring have an entire cadre of super-powered agents. Not content to recruit super-powered agents, they find C-list villains and amplify their powers with a captured cache of alien symbiotes. This not only makes their agents deadlier, but places them under the Wellspring’s total control.

We’ve met two of them — Sunflower and Fray — and now we meet a third, the master thief Dragonfly!

Dragonfly II, Prodigy/Symbiote Villain

The first Dragonfly was a master criminal, legendary nemesis of the hero Dark Wraith. When he was released from prison, Julius Drake opened the Super Hero and Super Villain Museum in Puerto San Tomas, making money off his old exploits. Neal grew up on stories of his old man’s exploits, and decided early on to follow in his footsteps. Years of training and trying and failing followed after. Although a excellent thief and criminal mastermind, Neal never achieved the infamy of his father, and time and time again, he was sent to prison when his plans failed. Bitter and disillusioned, Neal Drake was ready for anything that might help him score one last big heist before he retired in comfort … and then he heard about the Wellspring and their symbiotes.

Awesomeness Level: 5.
Origins: Prodigy 2, Symbiote 3.
Motivations: Prestige, Greed.

Physical Attributes:

  • AGI: 10
  • STR: 7 (HTH 2d6)
  • TGH: 7

Mental Attributes:

  • INS: 7
  • PER: 6
  • WIL: 6


  • INIT: 20

Physical Resources:

  • LIF: 25
  • VIG: 69

Mental Resources:

  • DET: 19
  • REP: 8.


  • Roll: 2; Foot; HLT: 54; IPRO: 10; DPRO: 3
  • Roll: 3 to 4; Leg; HLT: 95; IPRO: 15; DPRO: 5
  • Roll: 5 to 8; Torso; HLT: 127; IPRO: 20; DPRO: 8
  • Roll: 9; Head; HLT: 60; IPRO: 15; DPRO: 5
  • Roll: 10 to 11; Arm; HLT: 73; IPRO: 15; DPRO: 5
  • Roll: 12; Hand; HLT: 54; IPRO: 10; DPRO: 3

Physical Defenses:

  • CDEF: 25
  • RDEF: 25

Mental Defenses

  • MDEF: 11

Basic Talents:

  • Athletics: 8, Close Combat: 3, Dodge: 4, Driving: —, Education: —, Endurance: —, Intimidation: —, Metahuman Lore: —, More Money Than God: —, Notice: 6, Persuasion: —, Piloting: —, Ranged Combat: 3, Self-Control: —, Sneak: 8, Trickery: 4, Tech: 2.

Advanced Talents:

  • Break & Enter: 6.
  • Creepy Looks, Level 1.


  • Human Weaknesses:
    • Despairing: 5.
  • Metahuman Weaknesses:
    • Achilles Heel [Radiation], Level 4.


  • Super-Training Power Source:
    • Extra Body Parts: Level 5 (Claws, Fangs, New Sense [Ultraviolet], Scales, Wings).
    • Hyper-Strength: Level 5 (Powerhouse).
    • Hyper-Toughness: Level 3 (Regeneration, Unstoppable).
  • Super-Training Power Source:
    • Hyper-Agility: Level 1 (Alacrity, Motion Blur).


  • Equipment: Flashlight, Lock Picks, Rope, Sunglasses, Walky-Talky.


  • Sex: Male.
  • Preference: Heterosexual.
  • Height: 6′ 1.”
  • Weight: 168 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue.
  • Hair Color: Blonde, fading to gray.
  • Hair Style: Short and parted on the side.
  • Skin Tone: Pink, with some liver spots.
  • Costume/Clothes: Dragonfly wears a green costume with a dragonfly symbol on his chest; numerous belts hold pouches with lots of combat and thievery gadgets. As a symbiote, Dragonfly seems to have grown insect-like wings and claws, making him look almost a man-sized dragonfly.
  • Personality: A legacy villain, Dragonfly has been at this for years. As a younger man, he saw himself as a dashing romantic hero, the rogue with the heart of gold and balls of brass, but time has worn down his bravado. Dragonfly is indulgent of novices, often acting as a sort of kindly mentor, but gets impatient with egotistical newbies.
  • Goals: Dragonfly once dreamed of living up to his father’s legacy and attaining infamy as a villain. Even better would be to have the kind of almost-congenial rivalry Dragonfly I had with the hero, Dark Wraith! But it was not to be, mostly because of bad luck and changing times. Dragonfly II just wants to amass a modest fortune, now, and retire before he gets jailed again, or gets too old for the villain game at all.
  • Obstacles: Dragonfly is getting old, and really wishes he could retire from “The Game.” He just doesn’t have the money; he really wants to make one last score so he can retire. By gaining a symbiote from the Wellspring, he’s more powerful than ever. But, cynical as he is, Neal realizes that he’s been tricked into virtual slavery, and retirement might be far off, or it might mean an early grave.
  • Central Contradiction: Dragonfly should’ve had everything going for him as a super-villain, but life isn’t that kind. He’s really good at what he does, but it just hasn’t paid off. Despite his incredible skill and years of experience, Dragonfly lives like a beggar. Dragonfly can’t afford to give up, not yet, and some part of him still hopes, in some small part, to live up to the example of his father, in the end. That part whispers to him that using the symbiote is a cheat, and Dragonfly is sad and uncomfortable with this fact, given his pride in his immense skills.

Story Use/Notes: Dragonfly just wants to retire, and live a life of relative ease after his failed life of crime. He can act as a mentor to younger villains, or even heroes, with roguish talents. Finally, Dragonfly is the oldest and most experienced of the Wellspring’s agents, and not only supports their agents in the field, but acquires special items for them to sell. Finally, it’s entirely possible that the Super Hero and Super Villain Museum, that his father once ran (and he secretly still owns and monitors), could be useful for heroes looking to research a foe.

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