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Cosmic Cutthroats Playtest

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Over on the Cosmic Cutthroats Blog, I post that the Cosmic Cutthroats playtest is now available, in PDF and at-cost print! Cosmic Cutthroats is a multi-genre, dimension travel RPG. Its task resolution system is a variant on the system used in Metagene, and the system has some similarities to Invulnerable, also. You can find a […]

Quick and Easy NPCs for Runequest Glorantha

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Runequest Glorantha is out, and it’s the most beautiful RPG book I’ve ever seen! I con’ believe I’ve never gotten into Runequest before now. I’ve always been aware of it, even had a copy of Legend and Mongoose Runequest for awhile. I liked MRQ okay, but it didn’t compel me like RQG does. Making […]