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Celebrating Crunch

« 17 July 2013 | 19:25 | Broken Symmetry RPG, Invulnerable RPG, Ponderings | No Comments »

A lot of folks these days express an appreciation for rules-light games. And with good reason! A lot of us are busy, and gaming can take up a lot of time. This is part of the reason why I wrote Nigh-Invulnerable: The Guide to Simplified Supers (available here: Invulnerable is kind of crunchy, and […]

Aethercon After-(In)action Report

« 19 November 2012 | 11:48 | Broken Symmetry RPG, Invulnerable RPG, Personal | No Comments »

November 16-18, Imperfekt Gammes attended Aethercon, the online tabletop roleplaying game convention. We provided convention support in the form of prizes, manned a vendor booth, and planned on running demos. It’s important to me to be positive and professional, but I’m not going to lie; nothing went the way I’d hoped. The event was, well, […]

Imperfekt Gammes at Aethercon, Nov. 16-18

« 10 November 2012 | 20:41 | Broken Symmetry RPG, Invulnerable RPG | No Comments »

Imperfekt Gammes will be attending the Aethercon online convention, November 16-18. The Aethercon schedule for Imperfekt Gammes can be seen at this link: This document will be updated with links to the events during the con. We hope to see you there!

Aethercon and Adventure-A-Week

« 24 October 2012 | 10:38 | Broken Symmetry RPG, Interviews, Invulnerable RPG | No Comments »

Imperfekt Gammes will be demoing Invulnerable and Broken Symmetry at the online convention Aethercon, November 16-18! Folks that sign up for an Aethercon game now are entered in a daily drawing for a month’s free membership at Adventure-A-Week.Com! Go to to check out the schedule, and stop by the Vendor’s booth and say […]

Symmetry Breaking

« 14 May 2012 | 11:57 | Broken Symmetry RPG | No Comments »

Broken Symmetry Science Fiction Roleplaying, coming soon from Imperfekt Gammes, focuses on starship-based science fiction. I summon the dreaded powers of one website to talk about one of the major themes in Broken Symmetry: Can the Assembly live up to its high ideals, or must it sacrifice them to survive? Are those ideals naive […]

Playtesting Broken Symmetry

« 20 March 2012 | 10:05 | Broken Symmetry RPG | No Comments »

Anyone interested in playtesting Broken Symmetry Science Fiction Roleplaying? You’ll get a free copy of the final game! Please mail me at if you’re interested. If you aren’t aware, Broken Symmetry is a space opera game, where the group works together to build a starship, and then generate (or “recruit”) a crew. Adventure through […]

What Does “Broken Symmetry” Mean, Anyway?

« 22 January 2012 | 0:56 | Broken Symmetry RPG | No Comments »

I just uploaded the latest version of Broken Symmetry to the Imperfekt Forrums, here. The rules for starship combat are just about done, and planet creation is underway. The term “broken symmetry” has specific meanings in both physics and biology, part of why I liked the name. The Wikipedia articles on both explain further. Plus, […]

New Imperfekt Gamme — Broken Symmetry

« 15 January 2012 | 8:56 | Broken Symmetry RPG | No Comments »

Imperfekt Gammes is developing a new science-fiction roleplaying game, using an all-new system, called Broken Symmetry! In Broken Symmetry, the players choose a Mission and an Allegiance, and then work together to build a starship. Then, they make the ship’s bridge crew. Every member of the bridge crew has an important role to play in […]