Invulnerablog is Joshua Kubli’s personal and RPG design blog. Joshua is an IT tech and game designer who lives close to Salem, Oregon. He’s married to a wonderful smart creative woman, has a wonderful kid who takes a lot of looking after, and enjoys iced coffee, spicy food, wuxia, MST3K, Mass Effect, DS9, Farscape, Venture Brothers, old school D&D, and too many super heroes and comics to count.

This blog will be updated on an irregular basis. It will include information on the Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game, and other RPGs I’ve designed, played, and tinkered with. May also include random bits of culture, science, recipes, movie reviews, and other flotsam.

You can contact me at jkubli (heythat’sanatsymbol) imperfekt-industrees (fullstop) com with questions, comments, things, and other things.