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Expert [Art]: Elijah Brubaker

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Non-gamey post today, just want to talk about a friend who’s an amazing craftsman and an inspiration. I’ve been privileged to know Elijah Brubaker since high school. He’s now an award-nominated comic writer and artist, and I’ve been lucky enough to get a few illustrations from Elijah for Invulnerable in the past. Never shy about controversy, […]

New art for Invulnerable RPG

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Check out the latest art for Invulnerable RPG: Vigilante Edition from Khairul Hisham!

Even more new art for Invulnerable: Vigilante Edition!

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These two sets of pics are also by Khairul Hisham for the new edition of Invulnerable. Check them out!

New Art from Hishgraphics for Invulnerable!

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New artwork to show off below for the Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition! Check out the bounty hunter Wormhole, Next Step Mutant hero Brown Recluse, Exemplar Academy headmaster Prof. Raptor, and the tragic Unstoppable Man in this piece by the awesome Khairul Hisham!


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It doesn’t sound as clever as ‘Invulnerablog,’ does it? But then, nothing does, or ever will. If your eyes are hungry for awesomeness, check out Jason Rainville’s site, Jason is single-handedly responsible for the cover to Invulnerable RPG, the illustrations of Dr. DNApe and Mr. Magus inside, and more cool Invulnerable stuff yet to come! […]