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New Hyper-Personality Enhancements

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Hyper-Personality is a very useful Power, but the following Enhancements make it even more useful, particularly in combat situations. > Hard Glare (Enhancement) Equivalent to the Hyper-Will Enhancement Hard Glare. > Innocuous (Enhancement) Description: Everyone knows that you couldn’t be responsible for that awful crime. They know that you’re a great girl, that you wouldn’t […]

Dr. Phobia, Sorcerer Hero

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Dr. Phobia, Sorcerer Hero As a little girl, Cecilia’s daddy hit her mommy. A lot. By the time mommy took Cecilia and her sister and ran away, Cecilia Persephone Turner had already learned how much there was to fear. She grew into a timid child, withdrawn and anxious. One day, as a teenager, she ran […]

Fray, Mutant/Symbiote Villain

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Fray, Mutant/Symbiote Villain At first, the gift of monstrous strength seemed like a godsend. Why wouldn’t it? Once, Rodney Cunningham was just a smart, put-upon nerdy kid, brainy but ordinary. Soon, Rodney Cunningham found that he could push over cars, jump hella high, and beat his classmates at wrestling every time. Until one day, when […]