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Inspirational Images for Uru Ulan

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A look at the city from the outside. The “city” is actually a series of colonies built on rocks around Saturn, in some alternate world far in the future. Some regions of the city are rich in magic, others contain incredible technology, and a few have both. Image credit Vlad Marica   The city was […]

The Cosmic Vault, an Endless Dungeon for Uru Ulan

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Previous posts about Uru Ulan First post about the Transdimensional City: Dimension Generation Tables (for any game, but specifically for Invulnerable RPG): Uru Ulan tag:   The Ylem and the Pleroma In the highest dimension there is endless chaos, full of unrealized possibilities. Here and there, there are Cosmoses, universes, floating like bubbles. Together, […]

Mecha for Strands of Fate: The Paladin-class Convertible Jet Mecha

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Years ago, I ran a mecha anime campaign in Mekton Zeta called Neo Protectors Fleet, and it turned out to be one of my players’ favorite games ever. It was basically a pastiche of Robotech and Macross 2: Lovers Again, with heavy influences from Star Trek, Dune, and Lensman. One of our players has passed on, […]