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Brock Samson and Dr. Venture for Strands of Fate

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Brock Samson for Strands of Fate I’m always open to suggestions for improvement for any of my character writeups! Aspects can be tricky to write, so any suggests for phrasing things better are particularly welcome. Point is, I’m not yet an expert with┬áStrands of Fate, but just look at these as an example and starting […]

Hank and Dean Venture for Strands of Fate

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Now, some Venture Brothers characters. First up, the actual Venture Brothers.┬áNext week, Dr. Thaddeus S. “Rusty” Venture and Brock Samson! Henry Allen “Hank” Venture The only thing I’m a little unhappy with in this writeup is Hank’s high Resources and Wealth Track. I figure, though, if the boys could get over their reluctance, they could […]

Captain America and Thor for Strands of Fate

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Captain America for Strands of Fate Cosplay by Kyle Parmley Cosplay. Captain America / Steve Rogers Player Name Various Details XP 0 PL World-Class FP/Refresh 10 TL 4 Aspects Defining Aspect The Sentinel of Liberty Character Aspects Ambition: To protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic Background: Wimpy kid from WWII Queens given Super-Soldier […]

Green Lantern John Stewart and the Silver Surfer for Strands of Fate

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Green Lantern John Stewart for Strands of Fate I am a big fan of the old Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, so for me, the best Green Lantern is John Stewart. Although from the 90s comics, I have a soft spot for Guy Gardner. Cosplayer unknown, from Pinterest. Character Name: Green Lantern / […]