Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes!

Have a gift from us: Invulnerable RPG stats for Santa Claus, and two new Motivations for your heroes, Generosity and Peace!

Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, and Happy Holidays from Imperfekt Gammes!

> Santa Claus, Avatar Ally

Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas … a hero to many, not for fighting crime, but for bringing peace and joy to the world. One of the first true Avatars to arise from the modern era, he brings toys, food, and gifts to the good people of the world, particularly the poor and children. Obviously, his feats have been exaggerated; he can’t visit every child on Earth-Omega in one single night, and it bothers him that he can’t help everyone, or live up to the myth that he embodies. Nevertheless, he’s a force for goodness in a sometimes cold and heartless world.

Awesomeness Level: 7.
Origins: Avatar 7.
Motivations: Generosity, Peace.

Physical Attributes

  • AGI: 5
  • STR: 6 (HTH 1d6+1d3)
  • TGH: 7

Mental Attributes

  • INS: 8
  • PER: 8
  • WIL: 8


  • INIT: 13.

Physical Resources

  • LIF: 11
  • VIG: 32

Mental Resources

  • DET: 36
  • REP: 20.


  • Roll: 2; Body Part: Foot; HLT: 21; IPRO: —; DPRO: —.
  • Roll: 3 to 4; Body Part: Leg; HLT: 37; IPRO: —; DPRO: —.
  • Roll: 5 to 8; Body Part: Torso; HLT: 73; IPRO: —; DPRO: —.
  • Roll: 9; Body Part: Head; HLT: 26; IPRO: —; DPRO: —.
  • Roll: 10 to 11; Body Part: Arm; HLT: 31; IPRO: —; DPRO: —.
  • Roll: 12; Body Part: Hand; HLT: 21; IPRO: —; DPRO: —.

Physical Defenses

  • CDEF: 13
  • RDEF: 12

Mental Defenses

  • MDEF: 48

Basic Talents:

  • Athletics: —, Close Combat: 2, Dodge: 1, Driving: 3, Education: 3, Endurance: —, Intimidation: —, Metahuman Lore: 2, More Money Than God: 8, Notice: —, Persuasion: —, Piloting: 3, Ranged Combat: 1, Self-Control: 3, Sneak: 7, Trickery: 3, Tech: 3.

Advanced Talents:

  • Break & Enter: 7.
  • Courageous: 1.
  • Engineering: 2 (Carpentry, Toys).
  • Super-Headquarters [North Pole]: 2 (Rec Room, Workshops).
  • Stability: 3.


  • Human Weaknesses:
    • Addiction [Sweets], Level 1.
    • Attachment [Mrs. Claus], Level 4.
    • Bum Leg, Level 4.
    • Old, Level 4.
    • Outsider, Level 4.

Bum Leg and Old replace the Arrogance that Avatars usually suffer.


  • Magical Power Source:
    • Grimoire, Level 7 (Cantrips, Rituals). Power Modifier: Implement [Device], Very Minor Detriment. Note: This is Santa’s legendary bag. He can pull almost anything conceivable from it, but the magical wonders he produces usually look like old-fashioned wooden toys, painted in bright colors.
    • Hyper-Personality, Level 4 (Bulletproof Smile, Commanding Oration, Counter-Argument, Devil’s Advocate, Godlike Charm, Legions of Followers).
    • Hyper-Toughness, Level 1 (Resistance [Aging, Deprivation, Disease, Toxins] Unstoppable).
    • Telepathy, Level 7 (Read/Send Thoughts).
    • Time Control, Level 7 (Bullet Time).


  • Equipment: Fur-Lined Coat (as Rain Coat). Santa Claus can pull almost anything else he could need, or imagine, out of his magic bag.
  • Vehicle: Sled pulled by magical reindeer (Type: Air; Base Speed: 480 mph, Max Speed: MACH 0.8; Size: 15; Base VDEF: -7; Crew: 1 pilot, 10 passengers; Cargo Class: Heavy (-1 MVR); Ruggedness: Rugged (-1 MVR); Features: Disguised (it’s an aircraft that looks like a sleigh), More Cargo, More Passengers, No Airfoils, Open, Stylish, VTOL.


  • Sex: Male.
  • Preference: Heterosexual.
  • Height: 5′ 10.”
  • Weight: 310 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue.
  • Hair Color: White.
  • Hair Style: Medium length, with a long white beard.
  • Skin Tone: Pale.
  • Costume/Clothes: Fur-trimmed red velvet tunic and pants, floppy, pointed hat lined with fur.
  • Personality: Santa Claus is well-known for his unrelentingly positive and cheerful demeanor.
  • Goals: By bringing toys and games to impressionable kids, Santa Claus works to help them believe that the world is really a good place, and grow up to demonstrate the same generosity to others.
  • Obstacles: As an Avatar, a being that embodies goodness and generosity, Santa Claus can sense good and evil in people, but he doesn’t really understand evil. In this way, he’s just a bit gullible. This probably explains why Santa Claus gets kidnapped by super-villains every few years, and needs to be rescued.
  • Central Contradiction: Santa Claus is basically synonymous with Christmas, and his Central Contradiction is the same as the holiday. The annual festival of love and generosity is just as much a celebration of greed and conspicuous consumerism, the same things he’d like to see fade away.

Story Use/Notes: Santa Claus works best in humorous, whimsical holiday Adventures. The archetypal Santa Claus story sees him kidnapped by some hard-hearted but goofy villain; the heroes get Santa free, and everyone gets a lecture about the true meaning of Christmas and gets gifts and cookies.

New Motivation: Generosity.
Description: So many people lack the basics; food, potable water, a place to live. It’s easy for heroes to go punch bad guys, but it’s so much harder to really make the world a better place. That only makes it more important.
Game Mechanics (Generosity):

  • Gain Determination Points: The Character gains
    1d6 Determination Points when they pass up one something they need or want, to take care of others instead. Special Rule: This hero may sacrifice up to 5 Equipment Slots to gain an equal number of DET; the hero feels more confident and responsible by donating their wealth to care for others.
  • Lose Determination Points: The Character loses
    1d6 Determination Points when they ignore someone in dire need.

New Motivation: Peace.
Description: The world is full of mindless violence, but so often, it solves nothing. Clearly some people can’t be reasoned with, but that’s no reason not to try.
Game Mechanics (Peace):

  • Gain Determination Points: The Character gains
    1d6 Determination Points when they solve a problem with talking rather than fighting. It doesn’t always work, but the hero must make the effort.
  • Lose Determination Points: The Character loses
    1d6 Determination Points when they engage in needless physical violence. Any time they attack first, refuse surrender, or fail to negotiate, they suffer this loss.

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