Invulnerable RPG Print Sale!

Can’t make it to Gen Con this year, but you can still grab Invulnerable at good prices! All this week, print copies of Invulnerable are $5 off, and Dauntless is $3 off.

Invulnerable has quick character creation, without a lot of math required; and the little math that you do, can be done by the Invulnerable Calculations Form.)

Most of the powers anyone could want built into the system, and the power system emphasizes versatility. You buy a Power and then get a bunch of Enhancements to it that show what it can do. The combat system is fairly gritty, but optional rules streamline it a lot (particularly the optional rules in Nigh-Invulnerable.) It also comes with a complete setting, Earth-Omega, and over 2 dozen heroes and villains included.

If you want a quick reference to the rules, normally the Cheat Sheet is $0.99, but I just marked it down to free for this week as well. Check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you!

Grab Some Dice and Save The World!

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