The Team Training Talent reflects what your hero has learned from the teams they’ve served with. Each super hero team has a unique personality of their own, and each time the hero gains a Team Training Focus, they learn something from a new team. The secret agents of C.H.I.M.E.R.A. learn to keep the truth close to their chests, while the novice heroes of Exemplar Academy learn to fight more experienced enemies by remembering their lessons and looking for weaknesses.

But when we work with others, we also learn something about ourselves. The new Team Training Focuses below reflect the team, and how your hero fits into their team.

Team Heart
You remind your teammates of the importance of what you’re all fighting for, and it bolsters their spirit.
Game Mechanics: When more than 50% of the team is down to less than 50% of their DET, spend 5 AP and 5 DET and give a short speech. Your team members all gain 2d6 DET. This Focus can be used once per game session.

Team History
You’ve all been through so much together, you can’t lose now!
Game Mechanics: Spend 5 AP to remind your teammates of your past, shared triumphs and losses. Everyone that can hear that shared these experiences gains (their AWE)/3 AP next turn.

Team Instruction
Teams help us work together, and they help us learn together, too.
Game Mechanics: Make a PER + Persuasion + Team Training Roll vs. TD 30. On a success, the target gains a Level in the Team Training Talent, with the appropriate Focus for your team.

Team Loyalty
No one comes between you and your friends.
Game Mechanics: When under Compulsion to betray one’s teammates, the hero gains 5 DET that they may use to resist the Compulsion.

Team Spirit
Your team’s victories are deeply meaningful to you.
Game Mechanics: When any member of the team uses their Team Training Focus during a battle, you gain an additional +1 XP from the battle (maximum +1 XP).

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