New Update for December

Invulnerable RPG update now live on DriveThruRPG.Com and RPGNow.Com, and coming soon on Indie Press Revolution! This update brings, aside from numerous edits and fixes, new NPC stats (Fletcher, Obelisk, Zombies), new Power Enhancements (Crushing Blow, Necromancy), new Talent Focuses, and other stuff! Also includes a new art piece, an illustration of the Symbiote Origin, by Stewart Thomas!

I really appreciate everyone that’s given Invulnerable RPG a try, and to everyone else, the holiday sale starting December 23rd is the perfect time to grab a copy for just a few bucks. And we keep working towards a final print release, too, but it’s slow going since this is our first product, and we want the final version to look great!

As always, anyone who has questions is welcome to contact me at Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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