On Motivations

Invulnerable RPG’s Motivations are intended to be more than just an ‘alignment’ system, more than just a form of story hook. They can drive the story, drive roleplaying, and can lie at the very heart of who your Character is.

Motivations can be interpreted in multiple ways, and how you interpret your hero’s Motivations lie at the heart of who your hero is. An example?

Suppose a fellow hero is investigating a crime, and they’ve got personal reasons. It’s getting intense. You find out that the villain is a powerful arch-villain, one your friend can’t possibly hope to defeat. Do you tell your friend and team up against the villain, hoping to protect innocent people from further damage? Or do you protect your friend from this knowledge, waiting until the odds are stacked in your favor?

Motivations are the stories your Character tells themselves to describe why one course of action is better, or worse than another. And everyone has multiple Motivations; there are many stories in each of us, waiting to get out. Your Character’s Motivations make them a hero, but what kind of hero is up to you!

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