Seven New Adventure Seeds for Invulnerable

Stuck for a new Adventure? Here are seven new Adventure Seeds for your Invulnerable RPG campaigns! With just a little work, you can get any group of heroes moving with these plot ideas!


Several pages from the Tome of Dark Glories has turned up … in a paper for a respected academic journal! The article, written by insane undergrad Waldport Yancy, contains photocopies of entire pages of the radically dangerous ancient grimoire. The proofs have already gone to press, and worse, Yancy has been approached by the Cult of the Universal Presence for membership! Can the heroes destroy the copies of the journal before they’re distributed, find Yancy, and face whatever dark horrors he’s prepared to summon to protect himself, not to mention the fearsome and unholy Cult?

Field Trip

A group of Exemplar Academy heroes-in-training has disappeared during a routine field trip to the Primeval Realm. The heroes are contacted by an instructor at the academy, Lady Pulsar, and the Academy’s A.P.E.X. contact, Agent Richard Rodriguez. Lady Pulsar fears the heroes may have encountered a band of villains, like Ultima Thule, while Rodriguez fears the stripling heroes may have gone “off the reservation” to take out the villains themselves and earn a little extra credit, getting in over their heads in the process. Fight off dinosaurs and Nazi villains, and rescue the kids!

Island of Infamy

You receive a communique from C.H.I.M.E.R.A. Dr. Niklaus Van Voon is a dangerous criminal genius billionaire, and he’s holding a recruiting drive for the Underworld Syndicate. Dozens of new villains are being invited to his island home in the Mediterranean to show off their powers, fight one another to prove themselves, and pledge their loyalty to one of the world’s most dangerous evil masterminds. Travel to the island undercover, disguised as a villain looking to join up, gather intelligence, and if you get a chance, contact C.H.I.M.E.R.A. to call in a strike team, and defeat Van Voon and his new team of villains!


The famed scientists Dr. Martinique Dukes and Dr. Winston Kade conducted a dangerous experiment to test a new irrational energy reactor. The experiment failed, and several of their lab assistants, and Kade, developed superhuman powers. Now, as the battle-armored villain Dr. Vortex, Dukes is trying to replicate the experiment. Unknown to anyone, she’s trying to use the reactor to open a portal to hell (the nastier regions of the God-Realms) so she can make a deal with a demon to cure her husband’s cancer. Can Kade and his new heroes stop Dukes and her new villains, before the fabric of reality is shattered and demons pour loose on Earth-Omega?


Strange accidents and emergency room visits around the city culminate with several people spontaneously developing super-powers, and going insane! It turns out that Obelisk, the stone-controlling leader of the evil mutant Perfected Ones, is using drones to flood the city with irrational particles, in an effort to make all the latent mutants manifest themselves and, hopefully, join him. Meanwhile, Dr. DNApe has captured the drones carrying the particles, and is modifying them specifically to flood lower lifeforms (cats, dogs, turtles) with the particles, potential new recruits for the Terror Legion. Can the heroes destroy the drones, pacify the out-of-control new Mutants, and keep Obelisk and Dr. DNApe from destoying the city in their fight with one another?

Pop Quiz

Cities on Earth-Omega are disappearing, one by one, while a mysterious glowing figure floats in the air nearby and laughs. The mischevious Cosmic Entity known as Madguard is taking the cities to a desolate world in another galaxy, to see if the inhabitants can work together to survive without power and with limited resources. The heroes must stop Madguard by going to the alternate world, defeating a myriad of villains taking advantage of the situation, and proving to Madguard that humanity’s greatest strength is cooperation.


The robotic overlords known as the Syntharchium have come to Earth-Omega, searching for a WWII-era Nazi robot named Fimbulwinter. They are working on rebuilding Fimbulwinter, and then returning to their worlds with it as a full member of their collective. The Fimbulwinter AI, fused into the Syntharchium consciousness, will make them even more cruel and malicious! Adaptron and the evil robots of the Sinister Circuit were beside themselves with glee to discover the arrival of the Syntharchium … until the alien machines inform Adaptron that they have yet to prove themselves. Adaptron and his machine brothers seek a deadly virus, to release on humanity and wipe it out. Defeat the Syntharchium and the Sinister Circuit, destroy Fimbulwinter, capture the virus, and prevent the machines from joining forces agains all organic life!

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