Infinite Dimensions for Invulnerable

Some heroes can travel from one dimension to another; and sometimes, heroes follow villains through strange doorways to other worlds they cannot even imagine. In addition, a few heroes have found their way to the trans-dimensional city of Uru Ulan, and from there to uncountable other Earths. Roll on the tables below to quickly generate strange new Realms for your heroes to explore!

Other Dimensions
 Random Dimension Table
 Roll (2d6) Dimension Type
 2 to 3 ... The God-Realms. Roll on God-Realms Table.
 4 to 5 ... The Astral Realm. Invulnerable: Vigilante Edition, page 271.
 6 to 7 ... Mirror Realms. Roll on Mirror Realms Table.
 8 ........ The Transdimensional City of Uru Ulan. See this post: 
 9 ........ The Primeval Realm. See Invulnerable: Vigilante Edition, page 273.
 10 to 11 . Weird Realm. Roll on Weird Realms Table.
 12 ....... Elemental Realm. Roll on Elemental Realms Table.
 Random God-Realm Table
 Roll (1d66) Dimension Type
 11 ....... Asgard (Norse Pantheon)
 12 ....... Hel (Norse Pantheon)
 13 ....... Niflheim, Jotunheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, or some other Norse 
            God-Realm (there are Nine Realms, cripes)
 14 ....... Olympus (Greco-Roman Pantheon)
 15 ....... Tartarus (Greco-Roman Pantheon)
 16 ....... Vaikuntha, Svargaloka, Brahmapura, or any of a countless other 
            number of other dimensions; Hindu gods get around.
 21 ....... The Pure Land (Buddhist Pantheon)
 22 ....... Naraka (Buddhist Pantheon)
 23 ....... Ikole Orun (Yoruba Pantheon)
 24 ....... Orun Rere (Yorube Pantheon)
 25 ....... Jannah (Islamic Pantheon)
 26 ....... Jahannam (Islamic Pantheon)
 31 ....... Heaven (Christian Pantheon)
 32 ....... Hell (Christian Pantheon)
 33 ....... Purgatory (Christian Pantheon)
 34 ....... Shamayim (Jewish Pantheon)
 35 to 36 . The Spirit World (Native American, Pacific Islander, Tibetan 
            Shamanism, and other animistic faiths)
 41 ....... Annwn (Celtic Pantheon)
 42 ....... Tir na Nog (Celtic Pantheon)
 43 ....... The Dreamtime (Australian Aborigine Pantheon)
 44 ....... Takama-ga-Hara (Shinto Pantheon)
 45 ....... Nav (Slavic Pantheon)
 46 ....... Vahishta Ahu (Zoroastrian Pantheon)
 51 ....... Duzakh (Persian Pantheon)
 52 ....... Irkalla (Babylonian Pantheon)
 53 ....... Tian (Taoist Pantheon)
 54 ....... Diyu (Chinese got a lotta Hells, Jack)
 55 ....... Aztlan (Aztec Pantheon)
 56 ....... Mictlan (Aztec Pantheon)
 61 ....... Xibalba (Mayan Pantheon)
 62 ....... Heliopolis (Egyptian Pantheon)
 63 ....... Duat (Egyptian Pantheon)
 64 to 66 . Some other God-Realm ... there are far, far too many to count.

 Random Mirror Realm Table
 Roll 1d66 Mirror Realm
 11 . Earth-Alpha (details in Invulnerable RPG).
 12 . Earth-Beta (").
 13 . Earth-Gamma (").
 14 . Earth-Delta (").
 15 . Earth-Epsilon (").
 16 . Earth-Zeta (").
 21 . Earth-Theta (").
 22 . Earth-Iota (").
 23 . Earth-Omicron (").
 24 . Illiterate Earth. Humanity didn't develop writing until after we learned
      to apply mass production methods. Priests memorize and recite calendars,
      laws, medical techniques, production methods, and planting schedules, 
      while writing is considered an unnatural activity and threat to the 
      priesthood's power. Most of the world languishes in medieval poverty,
      while major population centers possess steam ships and locomotives. 
      Outcast heretics, persecuted and hunted, speak of harnessing lightening 
      for humanity's own use.
 25 . Dead Earth. Life never evolved. Things are, on the whole, pretty 
      peaceful and oxygen-free. This is a pretty popular base of operations 
      for a lot of villains, since they (believe they can) prepare their evil 
      schemes free of interference.
 26 . Dinosaur Earth. The dinosaurs never went extinct. The world is much the 
      same, but dinosaurs remain a popular riding animal in some parts of the 
      world, and some species of dinosaur are popular food.
 31 . Funny Animal Earth. Anthropomorphic animals are the dominant lifeforms. 
      Otherwise, the world is much the same. Cat-ptain Freedom leads the 
      Cat-riot Force against Dog-tor Catastrophe and his Terror Flea-gion. 
      Oddly, Dr. DNAbe is a space alien who looks like a normal human.
 32 . Kaiser Earth. America lost the American Revolution. There is no United 
      States, just the American Colonies. Most of the Southwest is ruled by 
      Spain (which still controls Mexico), and the Northwest is ruled by Russia.
      Germany, under the Kaiser, has controlled most of Europe since the Great 
      War. A second World War looms as the Ottoman Empire gains power.
 33 . Mutant Empire. Shortly after the Proclamation of Perfection, Mutants 
      conquered the world and openly rule. Normal humans aren't exactly 
      servants, but aren't full citizens, either.
 34 . Dyson Slave Earth. The Earth was disassembled by the Lameki and used to 
      construct a Dyson sphere, where humans live as happy slaves, drugged 
      into complacency by their reptiloid overlords.
 35 . Theocratic Earth. The Eschaton Treaty was never ratified, and the world 
      exists as many tiny, fractious city-states, ruled over by chosen 
      priest-kings. Technology hovers around Renaissance-era tech, and democracy
      is a foreign concept.
 36 . World of Villains. The War of Villains spiraled out of control, and Dr. 
      Catastrophe conquered most of Europe. Dr. DNApe holds Polynesia, the west
      coast of the U.S., and a big chunk of Asia. Agamemnon Abraxas controls an
      army of robots from Helios Station, destroying all other spacecraft or 
      satellites sent into orbit. Heroes are a persecuted minority.
 41 . World of Clones. Cloning technology was perfected in the early '50s. 
      There are only six or seven dozen strains of human that are judged to be 
      viable. Super heroes are all created by the various world governments from
      experimentation with genetic material. Earth has been openly contacted by 
      the Convocation and is in the process of being admitted as a member 
 42 . Dieselpulp Earth. Most of humanity was wiped out by germ warfare in the 
      20's. Everyone wears gas masks everywhere, and the "land battleship" 
      (tank) is the pinnacle of war technology. Most super heroes are Prodigies,
      Gadget-Mongers, and/or Super-Scientist "mystery men".
 43 . Nazi Earth II. The Tunguska meteor instead fell on London. The British 
      government relocated to Canada, and the United States never entered WWII. 
      Otherwise similar to Earth-Theta.
 44 . Pirate World. Instead of seven continents, there are over a thousand 
      sub-continents and large-ish islands. The colonial era remains in effect,
      and piracy is a constant danger on the high seas.
 45 . Machine Society. The world is populated by sentient robots. There is no 
      sign of an organic species that might have created them. The world is 
      eerily similar to the world the heroes are familiar with.
 46 . Everyone is a Mutant and No One is Special. Specific bloodlines produce 
      Mutants with similar Powers, and most nations are divided up into caste 
      systems based on how useful their Powers are. At the top are the mind-
      controlling telepaths, under them the hyper-intelligent inventors and 
      element-controlling elite police forces. The lowest caste are animalistic
      Mutants. Technology level is several hundred years advanced.
 51 . Urban Fantasy In Decay. Magic is much easier to learn and control, and 
      every nation has a tactical magical force of golems and lycanthropes, 
      and every soldier and police officer in the world is armed with 
      incendiary rounds, cold iron rounds, and silver bullets. Magic is slowly 
      beginning to ebb from this world, though, and those born without the gift
      for magic are highly resistant to it, a capacity spellcasters fear 
 52 . Agendered Earth. Humanity, and all other lifeforms, reproduce through 
      budding. The idea of sex and gender are foreign, and vaguely repellant, 
      to the inhabitants. The level of technology is similar. More energy is 
      given to science and philosophy, and wars are fought over minor 
      differences in mathematics and high-energy physics theory.
 53 . Kings of the World. The heroes find that they are each rulers of a major 
      nation. No other changes.
 54 . A Modest Proposal. Cannibalism is legal in most nations. No other changes.
 55 . It Don't Matter If You're Gray or Gray. Everyone is colorblind. English 
      has forty words for the color "gray". No other changes.
 56 . Right to Bear Armors. Power armor is legal and easily obtained by the 
      average citizen. Every 2-3 weeks an entire school, a family, sometimes a 
      city block or two, are destroyed by a child, an ex-con, or someone with a 
      mental illness. Efforts to ban power armor have stalled in Congress 
      numerous times.
 61 . Techno-Rebel Earth. Seemingly several dozen years in the future. 
      Cybernetics are cheap and affordable. People use neural implants to surf 
      the internet in virtual reality, and hack important networks. 
      Megacorporations rule the world, and leather-clad neon-mohawk-borgs rebel
      hopelessly against them. Everyone speaks a mishmash of gutter Japanese 
      and other languages. There may be elves.
 62 . But This Earth Is Just Right. A mishmash of fairy tales and children's 
      stories. Oz and Wonderland border on a scary dark forest with a Big Bad 
      Wolf, along with seven dwarves and an old woman who lives in a shoe. A 
      beanstalk rises from the center into the clouds. An ogre lives in a swamp.
 63 . Rule Brasilia. The Industrial Revolution happened in Central America, 
      which then branched out to conquer and colonize most of the world. The 
      Central American Federation is the dominant world power, with China and 
      India as close runners-up. Spanish is the lingua franca.
 64 . Free Tibet. Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang defeated the Chinese 
      Communists after WWII to become the rulers of China. They openly ally 
      with the United States against the U.S.S.R, and the powerful forces 
      arrayed against Russia makes them overplay their hand. A limited nuclear 
      engagement in 1972 leads to a stalemate; Russia manages to take 
      Afghanistan and ally with several Middle Eastern States in the Ukrainian 
      Bloc, arrayed against the U.N. Forces. There are many Prodigy martial 
      artists and Sorcerers in a free China, facing against many horrific 
      Mutants on the Soviet side.
 65 . Exactly the Same, Totally Different. Humans evolved with right-oriented 
      proteins instead of left-oriented proteins. Everything looks exactly the 
      same, but visitors will be unable to digest any food. They suffer 
      bloating, cramps, and indigestion, and will die of starvation before too 
 66 . Make Up Your Own. Make up your own alternate universe. Go crazy.

 Weird Dimension Table
 Roll (1d6) Dimension Type
 1 . "The Conference Chamber". This Realms looks like the nicest conference 
     room, drawing room, or sitting room the heroes can imagine. Each hero will
     see something different when they look around the room. In this purely 
     conceptual space, Cosmic Entities come to debate, philosophize, and plan 
     with one another, or just tear one another apart ... truthfully, these are
     all the same activity to these immortal, unthinkable beings. The heroes may
     get a chance to watch Evolutius, the the Cosmic Entity of Life 
     Ever-Unfolding, debate with Improcthon, the God of Technological Progress,
     while they wait for Nemesesia, the Ur-Goddess of Justice and Karma. The 
     Cosmic Entities themselves tend to look like a 50s pulp scifi magazine 
     cover crossed with a Hindu god statuary on acid trips. They're negative 
     space, coils of metal and crackling energy, sunken eyes and multiple heads.
     They speak with a thousand voices as one, a metallic voice that booms to 
     fill a galaxy, or they are silent and the silence speaks intelligible 
     words for them. Just don't break anything or draw attention to yourself; 
     the Cosmic Entities like their privacy here, and tend to send interlopers 
     to the Primeval Realm, to the middle of a triceratops stampede or into a 
     nest full of hungry pterodactyls.
 2 . "The Void Beyond Mind." A featureless white emptiness. Any inanimate 
     objects that the heroes bring with them are slightly translucent, as if 
     they don't completely exist. As in the Astral Realm, heroes don't require
     air to breathe here, or food, water, or sleep. Meditation here is 
     particularly fruitful; heroes that make a WIL roll can spend an hour 
     motionless and silent to gain 1 DET. Everyone else, and heroes that are 
     done meditating, instead lose 1d3 DET per hour. Lengthy exposure to the 
     endless expanse of nothingness will turn the strongest hero mad, in time.
 3 . "The Islands of Utter Sorcery." Floating chunks of rock, with their own 
     atmosphere, in a void strewn across the sky with streamers of cosmic 
     energy and crackling power. Magical energy is powerful here. Heroes with 
     Magic Powers can push their Powers to up to 2 Levels higher than normal, 
     but if they do, they must roll 1 die for each extra Level, each Round. On 
     a 6, the hero takes 1d6 Environmental Damage. The sky islands are 
     populated by a race of goat-like bipeds that are magically talented, 
     friendly but utterly untrustworthy.
 4 . "The Hall of Endless Echoes." This Realm looks like the Characters' home 
     Realm ... at first. As they walk, the heroes shift in time to various 
     points in each of their lives, starting with the most traumatic events. 
     The heroes themselves are intangible and invisible, as they watch the 
     horrific tragedies that shaped each other ... destroying their old lives 
     in the process. Heroes must make an INS or WIL Roll when they view 
     negative events, or lose 1d3 DET.
 5 . "The Realm of Dissolution." An extremely hostile Realm, where the physical 
     forces that hold matter together are extremely weak. The Realm looks like
     an endless series of murky gray-brown clouds; without strong forces to 
     hold together large structures, the universe is nothing but air, and the 
     finest powder. Heroes exposed to this Realm immediately begin to choke, 
     and take 1d3 Environmental Damage per Round as their very molecules begin 
     to disintegrate.
 6 . Come up with your own Weird Realm. The most important thing here is that 
    (1) major familiar physical laws don't work, are reversed, or are otherwise
    fundamentally altered, (2) the differences between physical laws and mental
    laws overlap or are reversed.

 Elemental Realms
 Roll 3d6 Element
 3 .. Sound/Vibration
 4 .. Plastics
 5 .. Chocolate
 6 .. Toxic Waste
 7 .. Darkness
 8 .. Ice/Cold
 9 .. Earth
 10 . Water
 11 . Fire
 12 . Air
 13 . Metal
 14 . Wood/Plants
 15 . Light
 16 . Crystals
 17 . Mind/Thought
 18 . Cheese

In an Elemental Realm, most of the matter and energy are somehow replaced with the Element 
that dominates that Realm. Elemental Realms obey their own weird laws of physics; while heroes 
don't instantly die if they travel to the Realm of Fire, they will find it extremely warm, and 
find flames spontaneously sprouting up all over the place. Elemental Control Powers with a 
related theme gain a +1 Level Bonus in that Realm, while Powers with an antithetical theme 
suffer a -1 Level Penalty in that Realm.

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