New Power Modifiers for Invulnerable: Vigilante Edition!

Invulnerable RPG: Vigilante Edition is off to Chronicle City for review before printing! Invulnerable allows you to quickly generate versatile heroes by choosing a number of Power Enhancements, or to roll up your sleeves and tinker, choosing Power Modifiers to get Powers that work the way you want. Here are some new Power Enhancements, special for the new edition of the game!

– Fizzle (Typical Detriment)
– Non-Lethal (Minor Detriment)
– Power Mastery (Typical or Major Benefit)

Fizzle (Detriment)
Description: Some heroes’ Powers don’t always work as intended. There’s a chance that the Power simply doesn’t activate at a critical moment, a danger that the hero must prepare for.
Power or Enhancement: Either One.
Power Modification: Typical.
Game Mechanics (Fizzle): Whenever this hero attempts to Activate their Power, they must roll 3d6 + Awesomeness Level, and exceed Power Level +14. If they fail, the normal VIG or other Resources are spent, but the Power doesn’t activate. The hero can always choose to use a lower Power Level than the maximum available to them, making it easier to turn the Power on. They may also take a special Advanced Talent, called Power Trigger, to make it easier to use this Power. Making a Power Trigger roll doesn’t cost any AP.

Power Trigger is a specialized Talent; each Power with an Activation Roll requires a different Activation Talent. So, for example, Effluvio the Magnificent, pulp sorcerer, might have:

Power Trigger [Cloak of the Forgotten]
Power Trigger [Up and Away]
Power Trigger [Walk Unseen]

If a Mishap is rolled, something disastrous occurs as a result of the Power’s failure to activate. The Power may affect a friend instead, or it may cost the hero twice as much VIG as normal. No special benefit is typically gained if the Power rolls a Triumph, although the GM may rule that the VIG cost of the Power is slightly reduced, or any Save Roll DFs are increased by the TF.

Non-Lethal (Detriment)
Description: Though effective in dropping enemies, the hero’s Power cannot kill, even when needed. Maybe the Battlesuited hero’s Missiles launch a cluster of rubber balls that pummel the enemy into unconsciousness, or the hero’s claws are tiny and dull, stunning with pain but not that harmful.
Power or Enhancement: Either.
Power Modification: Minor.
Game Mechanics (Non-Lethal): The Power cannot inflict Killing Blows. This Power Enhancement can’t be coupled with the Enhancement Cuts Through Anything.

Obviously, this can have secondary effects, as well. A weapon that fires rubber bullets can’t shoot a lock open, and a lower-voltage electrical blast is less likely to ignite explosives.

Heroes still need to be cautious. Even without a Killing Blow, a “non-lethal” Power can still inflict enough damage to grievously harm a target, if they’re young, old, wounded, or if the hero rolls a particularly good attack.

Power Mastery (Benefit)
Requirements: AWE 7+.
Description: This hero has truly mastered most or all of their Power’s applications. Whatever the situation, they have a trick to help resolve it.
Power or Enhancement: Power.
Power Modification: Typical or Major.
Game Mechanics (Power Mastery): As a Typical Benefit, the hero needn’t spend DET to use Power Innovation. They are close to mastering their Power, and new applications come easily to them.

As a Major Benefit, the hero automatically gains every Power Enhancement for this Power. The hero loses all free Power Enhancement slots from Awesomeness. They can also improvise entirely new Power Enhancements without the need for Power Innovation; if the Game Master agrees that a Power Enhancement idea is viable, the hero can immediately perform that Power Enhancement.

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