New for Invulnerable: Nigh-Invulnerable and Campaign Design Sheet!

DriveThruRPG.Com and Indie Press Revolution have the latest offerings for Invulnerable!

Nigh-Invulnerable: The Guide to Simplified Supers is a free, one-page guide to streamlining the Invulnerable Super Hero RPG. With these rules, you can generate heroes randomly and quickly, and get fighting evil with no delay.
Note: Nigh-Invulnerable works best with the Dauntless supplement.

The Invulnerable Form-Fill Campaign Design Sheet has all the information you need to get your Invulnerable Campaign rolling! Type in your heroes, villains, house rules, and everything else to keep everyone, literally, on the same page.

Both of these awesome add-ons are absolutely free, so grab them today!

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