Redshift, leader of Star Brigade

Darrian Shapley lived the dream. After a stint as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, he joined NASA’s space program, and was one of the first to test the Pinnacle Aerospace Virgo-series rocket. An unexpected cosmic ray storm caused the craft to explode, but Shapley ejected, and somehow made it back to Earth safely. He discovered strange energy powers, and after several encounters with aliens, joined Star Brigade and became the leader of the Earth system detachment.

Secret Identity: Darrian Shapley.
Awesomeness Level: 7.
Origins: Freak Accident 7.
Motivations: Protection, Thrills.

Physical Attributes

  • AGI: 8
  • STR: 7 (HTH 7d6)
  • TGH: 7

Mental Attributes

  • INS: 6
  • PER: 5
  • WIL: 6


  • INIT: 26

Physical Resources

  • LIF: 14
  • VIG: 35

Mental Resources

  • DET: 17
  • REP: 15


  • Roll: 2; Foot; HLT: 46; IPRO: 14; DPRO: 4
  • Roll: 3 to 4; Leg; HLT: 72; IPRO: 21; DPRO: 7
  • Roll: 5 to 8; Torso; HLT: 120; IPRO: 28; DPRO: 11
  • Roll: 9; Head; HLT: 33; IPRO: 21; DPRO: 7
  • Roll: 10 to 11; Arm; HLT: 53; IPRO: 21; DPRO: 7
  • Roll: 12; Hand; HLT: 46; IPRO: 14; DPRO: 4

* = IPRO and DPRO from Elemental Barrier, which costs VIG.

Physical Defenses

  • CDEF: 31
  • RDEF: 32

Mental Defenses

  • MDEF: 20

Basic Talents:

  • Athletics: 4, Close Combat: 2, Dodge: 4, Driving: —, Education: 4, Endurance: —, Intimidation: —, Metahuman Lore: —, More Money Than God: —, Notice: 2, Persuasion: 3, Piloting: 4, Ranged Combat: 3, Self-Control: 3, Sneak: —, Trickery: 4, Tech: 3.

Advanced Talents:

  • Courageous: Level 4.
  • Engineering: Level 4 (Aircraft, Communications Systems, Sensor Systems, Spacecraft).
  • Expert: Level 3 (Area [Convocation], Cultures [Convocation], Survival [Space]).
  • Leadership: Level 5.
  • Repartee: Level 5.
  • Team Training: Level 1 (Star Brigade).


  • Human Weaknesses:
    • Arrogant: Level 4.
    • Attachment [wife and son]: Level 4.
    • Oathbound [serve Star Brigade]: Level 3.


  • Biological Power Source:
    • Absorption: Level 7 (Absorb Energy).
    • Elemental Control [Plasma]: Level 7 (Elemental Bolt, Elemental Flight, Overpowering Impact, Sense Element, Transform into Energy). Power Modifiers: Mega-Speed (Major Benefit), Tag Change (Cost to Use [Transform into Energy]; 0 VIG, Very Major Benefit).
    • Hyper-Agility: Level 4 (Alacrity, Motion Blur, Tornado).
    • Hyper-Strength: Level 4 (Crushing Blow, Powerhouse).

Equipment: Ballpoint Pen, First Aid Kit, Nanoweave Costume, Repair Kit, Sunglasses.


  • Sex: Male.
  • Preference: Heterosexual.
  • Height: 6′ 0”.
  • Weight: 168 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue.
  • Hair Color: Reddish auburn.
  • Hair Style: Short and wavy.
  • Skin Tone: Moderately pale.
  • Costume/Clothes: As Redshift, red uniform with long red cape. In his secret identity, gray turtleneck and black slacks.
  • Personality: Darrian throws himself into everything he does, with no second thoughts and no regrets. He was a crazy, daring astronaut and test pilot, he’s a dutiful and serious officer of Star Brigade, and he’s a devoted husband to Andrea and father to their two-year-old daughter Stacey.
  • Goals: Darrian wants to go see the entire universe. He wants to see his daughter raised and married. And sometimes, he wishes that his home planet wasn’t so full of greed and evil, so they could see the wonders that he’s seen.
  • Obstacles: Darrian’s courage is also his weakness. He’s an inspiring leader and a powerful hero, but there are times when he’d be better served by cautious observation and stealth. Darrian challenges himself to be his best, constantly pushing past any limits, and is very disappointed whenever he finds he’s not quite good enough at something.
  • Central Contradiction: Darrian is a victim of his own success. Even after all these years as Earth’s representative to the Convocation, leader of the Earth sector Star Brigade, Darrian is still an irresponsible kid at heart. He has to remind himself frequently that he’s got responsibilities, that he can’t risk his life on missions when there are safer ways to proceed. He’s a Very Important Guy now, with paperwork and duties and hangers-on and paperwork, even though he just wants to go explore.

Story Use/Notes: Heroes that encounter the Star Brigade are very likely to run into Redshift. Large-scale alien encounters are likely to bring Star Brigade’s attention, although they may need additional help to deal with some issues (like an incursion by Armilus).

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