New Origin — The Luminary

The Luminary is a new Origin for Invulnerable Super Hero RPG that specializes in social Attributes, Talents, and Hyper-Attributes, in the same way that Super-Scientists focus on mental Abilities and Prodigies focus on physical Abilities. Luminaries make great team leaders and backers; Leadership, Repartee, Sexy Beast, and More Money Than God are all great Talent choices for a Luminary.


Description: Heroes don’t all have reality-warping powers or bizarre psionic abilities. Some heroes make their way with force of personality, and their charm and is difficult to stand against. Luminaries specialize at infiltration, recruiting double agents, arranging for help for the heroes, and undercutting villains’ power base. A powerful Luminary can defeat a super-strong Mutant or energy-blasting Battle-Suited with a handful of well-chosen words.

Several Things about Luminaries:

  • Luminaries are often, but not always, the leaders of their teams. They are just as helpful as backers and stealth operatives, but lack direct damage and defense capabilities.
  • Luminaries may have any other Origin, in addition to this one. This is one of the few Origins that heroes sometimes develop later on in their heroic careers, when they really develop their leadership skills.
  • Luminaries are not to be underestimated, because their manipulation lets them control situations without throwing a punch or firing a single laser blast, and many villains lack the willpower and self-control it takes to resist.

Game Mechanics (Luminaries):

  • Power Source: Super-Training.
  • Power Type: Innate.
  • Advantages:
  • Powers:
    • Hyper-Personality, Level 2 (Godlike Charm).
    • Hyper-Will, Level 1 (Iron Will).
    • Talent Bonuses: +2 to Intimidation or Persuasion.
    • Build Points for Powers: +8 BP for 1 selection, +25 BP for each additional selection. The General may spend these BP on up to 3 Levels of Hyper-Insight, any number of Levels of Hyper-Personality or Hyper-Will, or any Social or Gear Talents.
  • Disadvantages: None.

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