Savage Quadrants: SWADE Trek in the Dominion War

Given my love for Star Trek gaming, it’s only natural once I bought a copy of Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition that I’d start planning a Trek game. Here are my notes so far.

I should note I’m following in the footsteps of this site:

The ships were built using the great tools at this site:

I’m no expert on the Savage Worlds system yet, so I may have missed out on some rule or other. In particular, it’s not possible to build Star Trek ships perfectly using the rules in the Science Fiction Companion, so I went for nearest equivalent, and ran way over on points on every design!  In addition, some races like the Founders, required some Powers from the Super Powers Companion.

I’m still working on a few ship classes and races, and I’m hoping to add another document later with pre-built allies and enemies.


SWADE Trek: Officers (Character Creation):

SWADE Trek: Gear and Ships:

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