Latest News of Impending Doom

Work continues on the new print of Invulnerable. Who knew publishing work would be so much … work? (Publishers, that’s who).

The Imperfekt Wikki was overrun with spam, and so, like any good cosmic-level hero, we cast it into the heart of the sun, all of its evil destroyed forever. With the Imperfekt Forrums operational, we have a central spot for sharing info, anyway.

Which brings me to the blog here. It’s hard as a writer, sometimes, to know how useful an information venue is to readers on the WebNetThing. It’s kind of fun posting here, and I know of a couple of people that check here, but it might be easier to make the Forrums the central station for all new Imperfekt Gammes news. If you’d really like me to keep the Invulnerablog running, for whatever reason, please just send a quick note to and let me know. Thanks!

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