Batman for Strands of Fate

A few notes:

  • If you haven’t figured it out, the Wealth Optional Stress Track rule is in effect.
  • Most of these characters have appeared in many different versions in a variety of media. I’m going to try to present a well-rounded, “classic” version of the character. I’ll admit to a certain bias towards Bronze-Age/80s versions, but the stats should be easy to tailor further.
  • Most heroes start out at Metro Class, and move up from there if I can’t model their powers accurately at any lower power level.

Image credit unknown. From Pinterest.

With this version of Batman, I decided to focus on his really high physical and mental stats. This version will be one of the most accomplished and well-rounded humans in any Strands game. I didn’t even try to write up every gadget he’s ever carried; his listed gear should cover most of what he uses most of the time, and if he needs some non-weapon gadget, he can spend a Fate Point and have it in his utility belt with I Have Just The Thing. Finally, his social skills might seem kind of low, but Batman isn’t really known for being friendly or a team player. Even as Bruce Wayne, he relies as much on looks and money as on glib charm. His mind is on his mission.


Character Name Batman / Bruce Wayne
Player Name Various


  • XP 0
  • PL World-Class
  • FP/Refresh 10
  • TL 4


  • Defining Aspect: Handsome Billionaire Playboy by day, crimefighting vigilante by night

Character Aspects

  • Ambition: To protect Gotham City and the world from crime.
  • Background: Rich kid whose parents were murdered by criminals before his eyes.
  • Conviction: “I am vengeance … I am the Night … I am BATMAN!”
  • Disadvantages: Obsessed with his mission, leaving no room for his own wants and needs.

Specialty Aspects

  • Exceptional Skill: World’s Greatest Detective (Perception).
  • Foes: Inmates at Arkham Asylum (Willpower)
  • Gear: Batmobile (Resources).
  • Help: The “Bat-Family” (Persuasion).
  • Inferior Skill: Just Doesn’t Trust Anybody (Empathy).

Physical Abilities

  • Agility 5
  • Endurance 5
  • Perception 4
  • Strength 5

Mental Abilities

  • Craft 4
  • Knowledge 4
  • Reasoning 4
  • Willpower 4

Social Abilities

  • Deception 3
  • Empathy 1
  • Persuasion 1
  • Resources 5


  • All-Seeing Eye (-2, SoP pg. 12)
  • Experienced *9 (-18, Increased Abilities, SoP pg. 16).
  • Hard Style (-1, SoP pg. 7)
  • He Was Just Here (-2, SoP pg. 19).
  • I’ve Got Just The Thing (-2, SoP pg. 20).
  • Linguist (-1, SoP pg. 7).
  • Money Is No Object (-2, SoP pg. 21).
  • Scary (-1, SoP pg. 8)
  • Striking Looks (-1, SoP pg. 10)


  • Physical 10
  • Mental 8
  • Social 6
  • Wealth 9


  • Batarang (Bladed Boomerang, WR +2).
  • Batmobile (from Aspects).
  • Expensive Tuxedo.
  • Grappling Hook Launcher.
  • Kevlar-Lined Costume (AR +2, Stress Boxes 3, Bullet Resistant).
  • Smoke Pellets.

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