Wormholes & Warpdrives


I’ve just completed the playtest version of a new space opera RPG, Wormholes & Warpdrives!

The system resembles OSR games in that it uses classes, levels, races, and XP, but the only dice you need are d6s.

This Google Docs page has links to the playtest PDF, at-cost print copies on Lulu, and some inspirations for the game: https://goo.gl/Vf96mt

Why play Wormholes & Warpdrives? So you can …

  • Join StelNav and save the Border Colonies from the hostile reptilian Tsenari Empire!
  • Study mystical powers with the Space Templars!
  • Smuggle dreamdust past megacorp blockades!
  • Design your own Species, Career, Background, and Starship!

It’s Time … To Boldly Proceed Where No Sentient Has Ventured … Before!

In the meantime, work continues on Metagene. Money has been tight, but during the new year it will go into editing, and after that we’ll announce an official release.

Stay tuned!

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