When Worlds Collide

Given some thought recently as to how to balance Invulnerable, Dirge, and ToGaT together for crossover games.

I’m thinking it will work like this:

Low Competence Campaign:

  • Game: Tales of Glory and Terror.
  • Starting Packages: One 10-BP Race Package and one 20-BP Profession Package, total of 30 BP.
  • BP/Level for Powers: 0 BP, not counting special abilities from Race packages, and not counting Artifacts and spells. Talent-based spellcasting costs 10 BP, but is only available to certain Professions.
  • Games at this level are not about gaining super powers, but about skill and grit. Mortality is expected to be high, and managing resources is critical.

High Competence Campaign:

  • Game: Dirge.
  • Starting Packages: One 15-BP Race Package and one 15-BP Faction Package, total of 30 BP.
  • BP/Level for Powers: 10 BP, only from ‘approved’ thematic lists of powers for each creature Type. Doesn’t count spells. Talent-based spellcasting costs 10 BP, but is only available to Mystics.
  • Possessing dark powers is important to a game at this Level, but mostly in how it sets one apart from normal humanity, and even the toughest heroes are vulnerable to normal weapons. Character death isn’t rare, but managing Determination is a little more important than Health and Life-Force.

Awesomeness Campaign:

  • Game: Invulnerable.
  • Starting Packages: One 25-BP Origin Package, total of 25 BP.
  • BP/Level for Powers: 50 BP at Level 1, and 25 BP per Level afterward. Ability to buy metahuman powers costs 25 BP, which automatically comes out of all PCs’ starting BP.
  • All heroes have powers, and power choice is an important part of character concept. At high Levels, many heroes are, well, invulnerable to normal weapons. Mortality is expected to be low, and managing Determination can be much more important than worrying about Health and Life-Force.

  • Designing the Cosmology RPG Engine, I knew I wanted crossovers to be possible, but didn’t expect that they’d be common. It’s more important to me that each game has its own unique flavor, and so that means that powers and power levels are a little different in each game. That said, you can use these guidelines during a crossover to figure how powerful different characters are in relation to one another.

    To figure their relative power, add their starting Package BP, Talent BP at a given Level, and Power BP for that Level. Since all Characters get (20 + (COMP or AWE *10)) BP for Talents:

    • An Awesomeness Level 1 Invulnerable superhero has around 105 BP (25 BP for Packages + 25 BP to “unlock” metahuman Powers + 30 BP for Talents + 25 BP to spend on metahuman Powers).
    • A Dirge dark hero at Competence Level 3 has a comparable 110 BP (30 BP for Packages + 50 BP for starting Talents + 30 BP for metahuman Powers).
    • A Tales of Glory and Terror adventurer will have a comparable 110 BP at about Competence Level 7 (30 BP for Packages + 80 BP for starting Talents).

    Not an exact science, but good enough to run some tests on.

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